Now that it’s winter, how are you taking care of your skin?

Winter skincare
Winter skincare
Winter skincare
Winter skincare
Winter skincare

Winters are fun when it comes to dressing up but I have never really understood how to properly take care of my skin as the temperature drops. My combination skin is always breaking out and it gets real tricky to deal with pores when there is less moisture in the air during colder months. The negative temperature situation combined with pollution always takes a toll on my skin. And the fact that I am not getting any younger leaves me with no option but start taking care of it before it’s too late!

So this time I’ve made sure to follow a strict skincare regime as mentioned below and it has helped my skin look nourished even though I still get pimples every now and then. Your diet plays a very important role here so I wouldn’t expect acne to go away until I cut down on dairy or spicy food completely (less to no chances for that to happen, although I’ve become mindful of my choices!).

Switching to a gentle cleanser
I started using the Cetaphil gentle cleanser almost a month back and it has been so good to my skin. I believe it is the best drugstore cleanser and is also available worldwide. Using a gentle cleanser is very important as it will not strip the moisture out of your skin and maintain the pH balance. Also be gentle when cleaning your face as our skin is already very sensitive in winters and rubbing it too much can strip the oils making it more susceptible to acne.

Multiple layers of hydration
It is amazing how your skin glows when it is properly hydrated. Now I have already mentioned that my skin is acne-prone and yet I use oil, serum and moisturiser on my face every night. If you are not willing to use so many products, get yourself a rich moisturiser and lather it generously before going to sleep. At present my night time skincare routine involves Cetaphil moisturiser, Estee Lauder advanced night repair serum, La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo [+] and Indulgeo essentials volcanic night oil, not in the same order of application.

Face masks are equally important
This is something that you don’t necessarily have to spend money on as you can make them at home. Milk, honey, lemon, rose water and brown sugar are some of the ingredients I always have and use in winters. I also make the DIY sheet masks at home with these little ingredients. A little trick is to exfoliate your skin after a hot shower when it is super soft and splash cold water at the end. This helps to close your pores followed by face cream immediately after to seal in the moisturiser.

Bonus tip
Aloe vera is your skin’s best friend and so is drinking water. So stay hydrated and don’t forget to move your body everyday for atleast 30 mins. This is important in order to maintain a healthy heart as well as skin!

So how are you taking care of your skin this winter? Do share with me in the comments below.

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