Why you should stop fighting change

Why you should stop fighting change

Change is the only constant, cliché but true! And it is still a daunting feeling whenever we have to go through any change in our life. In the last few years, a lot has changed for me from leaving my full time IT job to travelling to countries I never dreamt of and now moving to Toronto for good. I remember constantly worrying about all these changes and specially about my future as a working woman because I was taking a break from my job after 7 long years. While I was grateful for this opportunity that many don’t get, I somehow started pigeonholing myself as a person who was now sitting at home. I had committed myself to this idea of working in a corporate or was too afraid of leaving my comfort zone that it took a great amount of effort to get back to my usual creative self. So much so that I put off blogging for a few months, the only thing that kept me sane otherwise. As a creative person, I cannot put my soul into things that don’t excite me so taking a break seemed like a better idea. But I got back to it slowly and organically while enjoying the process of creating more than ever now.

Speaking of which, I think change of places has been a great source of inspiration for me. In the last few years, I have indulged in and learnt a lot about fashion from my travels. From the stylish streets of Paris to uber cool fashion scene of London, it is safe to say that my style is definitely inspired by travelling to all these iconic places. And at the risk of sounding corny, I have become more aware of my personal style and preferences now.

Not only that, now I have a new found courage to explore things that I have been dreaming all my life but never really did. So I find myself thinking why didn’t I concentrate and put my energy into building something new out of this change and at the right time. Why was I fighting it? But you know, change is hard and not all of it is necessary sometimes. And as they say, there is a right time for everything in life and guess this is how I was supposed to learn and grow out of it.

This whole experience has left me thinking how we limit ourselves without even trying sometimes. But in order to grow, things have to change and we have to be open to embrace these changes for the good that it brings along.

In retrospect, this experience and every change in my life has only led me to become a better version of me. From having the courage to hold on to things that brought me joy to being strong enough to not let negativity affect my peace, I have come a long long way. And what started as a hobby with this blog is now my passion where I wish to inspire others and to be able to provide more value to my readers. And I think I am on the right path here. But if not for all these changes, how else would I be able to say that?
Has change ever scared you? How did you deal with it?

Why you should stop fighting change
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Why you should stop fighting change
Why you should stop fighting change
Why you should stop fighting change

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