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My initial plan was to post a winter lookbook as my first post of this year on the blog. But between falling sick at the very beginning of the year, packing our stuff to go back to India and trying to fit in every single item I have bought with so much affection in our limited luggage, I am literally at the verge of breaking down, both emotionally and physically!
And as I sit here at the airport waiting to board our flight for the last leg of Europe trip for now, I  found some time to quickly pen a post before this week slip out of my hands! If you are still confused, Shivam and I are moving back to India in two weeks from now as his work tenure here in the UK is over. Where at one hand I am a little bummed to be leaving this beautiful country behind, on the other hand I am looking forward to meet our friends and family back home after more than a year! I cannot wait to start a new chapter now, but before that, I wanted to talk about my experience here in the UK and about the biggest risk I ever took as a grownup woman!

As I look back, 2017 was a mix bag of happiness and sorrow, fears and challenges, hard realizations and plenty of learnings. I took the plunge and left my job of 7 years in a big IT company to join Shivam on his work trip to UK. Even though I took pride in being able to manage a full time job and my home along with working on this blog, all of this was taking a toll on me. I was never content with the work that I was putting on my blog and was not able to give a 100% to my job or relationship. I was at a stage where I had to choose between my blog or concentrate on my job for that well deserved promotion. The job paid well but I was not creatively satisfied and then came this opportunity. I needed a good reason to take a break and clear my mind to be able to decide what I really wanted.

Even though the decision of leaving my job was well thought about and I was meaning to do it from a long time, it took me quite some time to get used to no office life! At one point I even started regretting my decision and went through a difficult emotional phase but blogging kept me going.

Fast-forward to today, I am glad I took that step or I would have missed a beautiful phase of my life that I will now cherish forever. I did experience difficulties but life teaches us in many different ways and prepares us for every new chapter unfolding in front of us. And in this fast paced life, it gets really important to look back and appreciate all the good and the bad for there is a lesson in everything. Below is a list of things that I can think of right now, that I learnt in 2017 and thought of sharing with you all. Scroll down to read –

1. Building relationships – When I first landed in Norwich, I knew no one and nothing about this place. I felt alienated and to overcome my anxiety, I started going out to coffee shops alone to understand and absorb the culture of this new place. I even applied for and worked a  job for some time where I made friends besides making some money! 😉 I learnt that having confidence in yourself and understanding your surroundings helps a lot. I also understood that what makes one foreign is their mindset and not the colour of their skin!

2. Travel – 2017 was the year of travels as we visited some beautiful places within the UK and in Europe with a short trip to Canada (can’t wait to go back soon!). I am truly grateful for having this opportunity to travel and see some beautiful places and be a part of their cultures. It is the biggest highlight of last year for me. My favorite has to be the memories from our trip to Paris. Oh and I am very excited about this beautiful European destination we a travelling to today!

3. Getting to know myself better – With plenty of time to spare, I got to know myself a little better this year and the flaws within me. I am a creative person but at the same time I am very emotional. Sometimes when I am at my lowest, the anxiety makes it difficult for me to stay inspired and I lose track of my goals. This is not healthy as being creative is the core of me and I need to be in the right headspace to be able to produce good content. This is the biggest challenge which I have already started working on and hope to improve going further.

4. Be more Productive – 2017 was dedicated to create good quality content about fashion and travels on my blog as well as Instagram. I applied a change in my creatives and got to work with some amazing brands here in the UK and made new connections! This year I have promised myself to notch it up even more in terms of networking and content. Another work goal for this year is to learn video editing and improve my makeup skills.

5. Achieving my goals – I have set some big professional goals for this year and promised myself to spend every day of 2018 working on achieving those. The aim is to stay creative, improve my networking skills, manage my work better, taking better care of my health and having fun while I am at it. Another thing that I need to work on is to learn how to say NO and that being selfish for your own happiness is necessary sometimes.

So folks that’s all for now, I think I have written enough and hope I didn’t bore you with this one! Now I am planning to take a quick nap before boarding as I don’t want to be spending my holiday sleeping in the hotel room! 🙂

Hope you liked reading the post and I promise to be back with my next post soon!



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