The wonder Scrub – Natio wellness body scrub review

Natio Wellness Body Scrub review

A few weeks back when I was at the Sephora store here in Bangalore, I was going through the beauty brands they had in house and that is when I noticed this scrub jar at the Natio counter. I had run out of my scrub a few days before and was looking for a replacement, so after checking the ingredients jumped on to buying this one. Honestly, the first thing that attracted me to this particular product was its elegant jar design and label. But the moment I smelled it, I was sold!

It would have been wrong to not write about a product on the blog which I am in love with. So read on the review to know the reason why and hope it will be useful to you.

Let’s start with the use of a scrub. With the onset of summer, we generally feel the need to take bath more often and I hate using soap or body wash every time I take bath as it dries the skin. Scrub is a good way to cleanse your body and improve the circulation of blood as it removes dead skin making it look more soft and radiant. You can use a scrub whenever you want or even daily depending on its texture but I use this mild scrub once every two days.

Natio Wellness Body Scrub review - HuesofMe Blog

Natio Wellness Body Scrub review - HuesofMe Blog

Natio Wellness Body Scrub review

Price – 1140/- for 450 gms.

Brand claim: It is an invigorating body scrub with natural exfoliants to gently buff away dry skin cells and restore a luminous glow. Pure Pomegranate helps to nurture and protect with no microbeads present.

Natio Wellness Body Scrub review - HuesofMe Blog

Natio Wellness Body Scrub review - HuesofMe Blog

What I like :

  • Oil based scrub but does not leave greasy effect.
  • Ingredients does not contain any harsh chemicals and mostly oils. You can check it out here.
  • Gel like consistency with tiny granules which are very mild on the skin.
  • It foams a little and leaves amazing result after hot water bath.
  • Very mild scrub that can be used for face as well.
  • Cleanses the skin beautifully, leaving it soft and shining.
  • Smells divine and feels so luxe.
  • Easy to use plastic jar packaging with an inside lid to prevent any mess.
  • Quantity is huge which can last about 3-4 months.

What I did not like:

  • A little overpriced compared to few other options available in the market but the quantity and quality makes up for it.

I love how my skin feels when I use this scrub and I am definitely going to repurchase it. I would suggest you guys to invest once and see the effects for yourself. You can find it in Sephora or online (Amazon has 15% discount right now!).

Hope you like the review.




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