Red Riding Hood

The heat is rising and its getting real difficult to step out of the comfort of our temperature controlled nests. Likewise , It was a sunny sunday last weekend when we had plans to go out and enjoy my precious off until it started pouring in.

It was a mood spoiler at first as the showers were heavy and i was waiting for it to stop standing in the balcony like a small kid. Finally it did but plans had changed by now and the time we were left with was only enough to go about 25 kms one way and meet our friends for an hour or two!! Yes, we stay a little far away and that kills me now.

Nevertheless, the weather got pleasant after rain and that fresh earthy smell felt so refreshing making me realize how wrong i was earlier and how much i was waiting for it to rain. I was also happy that i got to wear my Red blazer i purchased a few days back from Ni-Hao Fashion store Bangalore. I feel it gets a little gloomy with dark clouds and bright colors always look fresh and cheer us up.

So now as i was wearing my new blazer i had to get it clicked 🙂 and i managed to get some shots inside our housing society. Nothing’s better than good mood and a pleasant weather for the poser in me to get clicked.
That’s exactly what i did and after some 15-20 shots we were done. I am sharing a few of my favorites with you guys. Hope you like them too. 🙂








The outfit is super casual. I am wearing my very comfy boyfriend jeans , leopard print flats , lace top with frill sleeves and added a chic note to the outfit by layering it with my Red blazer which prevents me from chilly weather and instantly brightens up my outfit.

Color co-ordinated with the dark clouds and bright greens i feel happy. 🙂

Wishing you all a great Weekend ahead <3



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