The little white dress!!

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Its September already and we are quite close to hit winters which means its time for our warm snuggly clothes to come out of the closet. But before that let us pause and enjoy the romantic and sweet weather of the season where we see the transition of summer into winter.

As the breezy wind gives way to summer madness, the sight of tree leaves turning gold with the earthy smell of decaying leaves and wooden smell in the morning makes my heart happy. I feel Fall is the best and most balanced season of all and gives us the freedom to experiment with different styles and outfits.

Like you can always pair up a sweatshirt with your denim shorts and boots or soft knitted sweater with a skirt. Dark lips and bronzer always adds up to the glow on your face in gloomy weather. With so many options to choose from, i chose a white outfit and paired it with accessories which are a mix of classic black and gold. It was a pleasant windy evening and set a perfect backdrop for the shoot.




Now whoever says white is not the appropriate color for fall, are not thinking of the many possibilities to style it. I agree there are certain fashion rules which are better not broken but if fashion icons like Coco Chanel , Kim Kardashian and Angelina Jolie can wear white on white whenever they want. Why can’t we (using some intelligence, of course) !!

So here in this post i have tried to incorporate the very basics of our wardrobe which is White , Black and Gold.







Outfit Details:

 Dress-Zara / Shoes-Zara / Belt-Pieces(Vero moda) / Clutch-Metamorphosis / Accessories-assorted / Shades-Koecsh

My little white dress is a sale deal from Zara and i loved the wrap style at the front. These black booties are also from last year’s winter collection in Zara. I might have worn these only 3 times in this entire year and i am planning to give it away to interested buyer. More on this later. But before that, there are a certain tips and tricks to keep in your mind while dressing for Fall and i am going to share a few here :

  1. Colors : Choose yours colors wisely. Chilly weather calls for warm looking colors with hues of gold , burgundy , black and metallics. But you can always wear your favorite neon and pastels if paired smartly. For e.g. you can have a dress with neon sober print but on a dark base or a pastel skirt with a dark sweater along with boots.

  2. Fabric : Be a smart shopper and purchase sweatshirts and jackets which helps you in layering. So if you have a sweater in light fabric, it becomes a perfect companion of your jacket in lowering temperatures.

  3. Accessories : Fall/winter is the time to invest in some good hats, beanies and gloves. Keep it warm with a classy scarf around you neck.

  4. Blazer/Jacket : Invest in some light weight blazers which you can layer over a tank casually or over a shirt for formal dressing.

  5. Shoes : A Pair of sneakers and boots is good enough to get us all through the winter and also very comfortable. Suede and leather is the call. Nobody is saying no to heels though!! 😉

Well, these were some simple and easy tips to prep for your Fall/Winter dressing. More outfit posts to come your way where i am planning to style looks keeping in mind these points and some more. Hope you like this one and for any details or questions reach out to me on


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