The back-to-school affair!


Been a while that I scribbled on my blog. Maybe not long ago but I feel disconnected, there is so much in my head but so little time to put it down here. Can you believe its already June and we are halfway through 2015 !! This year seems to be running so fast!

Sometimes I long for good ol’ school days, when only thing we worried about was to finish projects and score decent marks. Even the 24 hours in a day were way too much to ask for. I remember distinctly my habit of watching television for hours at a stretch during summer holidays and getting bored.. Golden days of past! Although I love the current phase of my life, chasing dreams and sowing the seeds of hard work… But how I wish there were a few hours extra in my day. A girl can only dream right!

Coming to the post, I found this pretty button-down denim skirt a while back and couldn’t dare to wear it then! But somehow as I wanted to experiment with a look for blog, I reached out to it without giving a second thought. I am amazed to see how swiftly denim can be paired with just about anything . Like I always say, a must-have in your wardrobe. I personally have this soft corner for all my denim shirts and jeans because they are my go-to in tricky situations!

Pairing a floral kaftan top with this skirt was not even in my faraway dreams but they gelled so well! Learning on the fly and the passion keeps growing. This whole look had a school girl vibe to it and suited the concept. Hence, the name!


Top- MAX, Skirt- F21, Shoes- Miss bennett (Jabong), Necklace- Colaba, Bag- F21

I hope you enjoyed reading my random ramblings and the pictures. Would love to read your comments and feedback.



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