Tame those locks this Summer!!

Hey Girls…

How are you all.. Hope enjoyed the weekend. 🙂
My Saturday was spent finishing a few important tasks, shopping and catching up with hubby’s friends after a long time. But we were tired by the end of day and it was majorly due to the heat and Sunday was full of relaxation and chilling out at home. 🙂

Its getting real hot here in Bangalore and is so difficult to step out during day-time. We need to take very good care of ourselves to prevent from its adverse affects.

So in this post i am going to discuss a few easy ways how you can protect your hair from the scorching sun.
I know we all face the dull-dry hair problems during summers. It always confuses us that whether to wash hair often to get rid of oil or to leave it to prevent drying. Worry not, i have jotted a few important Do’s and Don’ts for you to follow this summer.

dry summer hair

I am sure following these steps will keep your hair healthy :

1.Regular Wash – Increase the frequency of your hair washes. Heat leads to oily scalp and hence more dust and pollution gets collected. So frequent wash using a moisture shampoo is must to keep all the dirt at bay. Make sure the water is not hard as it can be a major reason for dry hair.

hair wash


2.Conditioning – Hair tend to dry out faster in summer bearing the harsh sun rays and the moisture reduces with increased hair wash sessions too. So never ever miss your oil-conditioning, hair masks and spa sessions. A natural DIY hair mask i prefer is applying coconut oil first and then egg, keeping it for 30 mins. It gives shine to the hair and smoothens them.


3.Cover it up – Never leave house without covering your hair with a hat or scarf. Its must to protect your hair from the harmful sun-rays and dust.  Carrying an umbrella is also a safe option.

scarfThe 'Adorkable' Zooey Deschanel, in a strapless blue mini dress, on the set of her hit Fox TV show "New Girl" in Los Angeles hat


4.Less styling – Give your styling tools some rest this summer. Don’t blow dry until really urgent and style it only when it cant be prevented. Always use a heat protector before styling.  Don’t keep your hair loose that often. Infact high-buns , ponytail and side braids looks sexy and are In this summer.


5.Hair cut – A summer trim is very necessary to get rid of frizzy hair and split ends. Personally i like to keep it short during summer as it becomes more manageable.

hair cut

6.Tips – Don’t comb wet hair. Use a soft towel to dry your hair. Keep your comb, scarf , hat and tools clean.

7.Diet – Healthy hair demands proteins. So eat proper diet which includes green veggies , fruits , Vit-C and loads n loads of water. If you feel drinking more of plain water is boring than add a slice of lemon and mint to it or glucose is always good for instant energy.

summer food food


Follow these few things this summer and you will not have to worry about dry-brittle hair.

Hope you will find it useful.

See ya all soon. Till then stay Hydrated and stay Gorgeous 🙂




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