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Long warm days, fresh breeze and beach holidays, Summer is a cocktail of all things nice except the fact that it makes us sweat, a lot! Now sweating is good to release toxins from our body but not so much for our makeup. I love a fresh and glowy face any given day but when you are sweating under the sun, you need sweat proof makeup.

On days when I am not going somewhere important, I just stick to a concealer, some lip balm and mascara. But when I am unable to skip a full face of makeup, I use a certain products and techniques for my makeup to last long. And I have covered the same in this post. These are the products that I use on the regular and I know they work for me. So if you are looking for glowing summer makeup tips, look no further.

Laura mercier tinted moisturiser, Sweat proof makeup

Never skip the Base

Moisturiser is as important during summer as it is during winter. Top it off with a good sunscreen and then go ahead with a Primer. Primer seals the pores and makes sure the oil does not ruin your makeup. Currently I am using the e.l.f cosmetics blemish control primer that I got from Boots. But another favourite of mine, which is also available in India is the Benefit porefessional primer. It does the job well and is gentle on my skin. On most days I skip the usual foundation and just stick to my Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer which it is lightweight and perfect for day time imparting a natural glow to my skin.

Switch to cream based products –

Powder products are nice but they fade(read melt) off faster than cream based products and can look cakey. My current favourite in this category are Benetint and High beam highlighter from Benefit cosmetics. Benetint is a multi tasking product that you can use as both lip and cheek tint whereas the latter gives you a fresh shine.

Sweat proof makeup tips for summer, Laura mercies loose translucent powder

Avoid too much powder on your face –

I try to stay away from powder as much as I can and so should you. First, it gets sticky real quick in the humidity and second, over-doing it can make your face look cakey. The only time I dab a little loose powder on my face is while setting my under eye concealer. Laura Mercier loose setting powder is my favourite and you need only a little bit of it to get the job done.


Blotting paper is your best friend –

This is something I always carry in my bag these days to get rid of excessive oil on my face. I have an oily T-zone but the blotting paper soaks the oil without smudging my makeup. The ones that I am currently using are the Charcoal oil blotting paper from Forever21. You can find one is any beauty shop or online.

Sweat proof makeup, Makeup fix spray

Makeup setting spray is an investment you must make –

I was a makeup setting spray virgin until I attended the Debenhams Norwich bloggers meet last year while I was in UK. The sweetest girl at Urban Decay gave me a few bottles in the PR kit and there is no looking back since then. This Urban decay All nighter makeup setting spray does a wonderful job of holding my makeup even the powder products. I just need a few spritz and it makes sure the makeup stays on my face without a smudge or grease. I have used it while travelling, for parties, long shoot days and day time weddings. And you know how elaborate and long our weddings are, but my makeup didn’t budge. Think of it as a summer makeup bag essential!

These are some of my summer makeup kit essentials for a sweat proof makeup look. I hope you enjoyed reading it. What are your summer makeup favourites? Let me know.






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