My recent favorites | Summer edition


With the change in weather, we always tend to look for suitable beauty and makeup products including the necessary wardrobe refresh. There is an explicit demand of keeping aside the stuff not suitable according to the weather, for it is not only inappropriate but does harm to our skin and health too. I personally try to keep away from heavy makeup and fitted clothes in summer to prevent my skin from heat burning or any reactions and I always try to make sure I have enough ammunition to fight the unruly climate.

So I thought I would share a quick post with you all about whats on my radar these days and is benefiting me. So If you find it useful, you can give it a try in case you are planning to change your routine products too. It’s a mixed list of random stuff I am personally liking and always keep running to these days.

1. Fabindia passion-flower mist – This one tops my list at the moment. It is a perfect floral fragrance for summer and is not the overpowering types. Though it needs reapplication almost every two hours but I still like it for the instant freshness it provides, the light weight, travel-friendly packaging and a mere cost of 185 Indian rupees.

2. Fabindia scrub – This Neem Tulsi gel scrub is a gentle face and body skin exfoliation product and is working pretty fine for me. I basically use it for body skin exfoliation every alternate day and sometimes for face too. It contains natural neem leaves in it with no awkward smell. Again a pocket friendly product with good outcome.

3. Faces blush – All of you who follow me on other social media platforms might know how much I love this blush. I had posted a photo earlier and trust me when I say, I have been using only this with a concealer underneath these days.

4. MAC ruby woo lipstick – There are two reasons for adding it in this post. First, it’s the perfect matte and does not bleed in high temperatures and second, the color suits my skin tone so well.

5. Revlon concealer –  This concealer is now old and needs to be replaced but I have had some really nice results out of it for my skin tone. It spreads out evenly and stays put for almost the entire day.

6. Rose water spray/Avene thermal spring water –  I ran out of my Avene thermal spring water few days back and have now resorted to the Rose water spray till the time I purchase one again. Both are my go to face energizers in summer and works to hydrate my skin. I don’t leave home without either one of these in my bag.

7. Neutrogena Ultra sheer sunscreen – It’s not the first time I am mentioning this one but had to share again for it is the best sun shield product I have come across and don’t feel I will change it anytime soon.

8. La Roche Posay – Effaclar Duo – A few days back I had mentioned about purchasing this product on my Instagram and how it reduced my facial redness within a day of application. I was liking it but then last weekend i had a few acne breakouts on face due to some reaction and I found this cream doing its magic. It did stop the acne growth and even dried out the active ones. I feel the blemishes and marks are also fading out but need some more time before I write a full post as promised. Anyways, I am addicted to this product now and apply it every night.

Note: The products I like might not suit everyone due to different skin types but then if it sounds just about fine, there is no harm in trying something new. Do your checks and read reviews before buying anything and in case you need any help, feel free to send me a query.

Always happy to help!

Have a good Sunday… 🙂

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