South India travelogue (South Karnataka)

The main temple building flocked by devotees and travellers !!

Hi Guys

How are you all? I am so ready for new year and new beginnings. On blog, this would be my last post for 2014. 🙂
Actually the plan was to mark the end of this year with an outfit post. But apparently, i was too busy making travel plans for my Christmas holidays and then enjoying them that i literally didn’t get time to shoot. Guilty, i am !! But I know now that it was the best way to end an amazing year and this short trip has only left me feeling rejuvenated and content. 🙂

I will come with an outfit post soon , So don’t you worry. But before that have a look on some of the outtakes from my travel below… 🙂

This view on our way to Belur made sure we stop and click loads of pictures!! 🙂


Posing along :))
Smiles after climbing some 200 plus stairs !!

This travel was an impromptu plan and infact made it so much fun. We travelled around 555 kms totally from Bangalore till Sakleshpur. On Day 1 we covered Sakleshpur and stayed at Hassan while next day was spent visiting beautiful temples of Belur and Haleebidu.
These cities are basically old heritage places in Karnataka with beautiful temples aged to 1000 years showcasing amazing work of civil engineering, serene beauty of Western ghats , coffee plantations and beautiful hills. I have tried to capture the moments in these pictures but they don’t do full justice to what we experienced in real and how much fun we had. I would love to visit Sakleshpur again and cover the places which we missed out this time. Make sure you check the climate conditions before travelling and preferable would be after monsoons.

Entrance to Manjarabad fort, Sakleshpur


Some secret places inside the fort i guess!!
Beautiful view of Western Ghats from the top of fort. The best moments were spent here 🙂
Gazing at the beautiful view and practicing yoga(Not really!!) 😉
Couldn’t stop myself from jumping on walls and reaching this place for it was the peaceful!!
I wasn’t lying about jumping!! 😛 😀
We are crazyyyy like that :))
Beauty on our way !!
Noone stopped!! 🙁
The beautiful under renovation entrance of Channakeshava temple, Belur 🙂
Would you believe if i say, this tomb is standing on its own weight without any fitting/holding with ground from 900 years!! Amazing engineering display… !!
A beautiful piece of art carved out of just one stone!!
Elephants present at the bottom of temple walls signifying strength and power hold. Again carved out of single stone.!!
Look at the intricate work!! As per the guide you can spend an entire day or more in this temple to know each and every detail displayed… beautiful it was!!
Beautiful temple of Haleebidu.



I hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures as much as i enjoyed putting it all here for you to see. Do let me know how you like it…
With that i want to thank you all reading this for your love and support always…

Wishing you a very Happyyy New Year and loads of fun!! 🙂  Enjoy… See you all next year.. 🙂


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