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Kosmoderma medi facial

I’ve always had to deal with minor acne and skin problems since my teen days but it was never an issue until last year. With change in places and my diet in addition to the hormonal imbalance apparently induced by stress, I was breaking out like a teenage girl. This lead to scarring and I started noticing hyper pigmentation around my mouth and cheek areas. There was a lot of care taking involved and most importantly I had to change my skin care routine.

I got into the habit of drinking a lot of coffee when I was in UK and continued the same even after coming back to India which somehow did not suit me here. I was suddenly eating lot of complex grains, as opposed to my low carb diet back in the UK which was showing on my face. So I slowly changed these habits along with taking care of my hormone issues medically. All this helped in reducing the bouts of acne but the scarring is still there and I am now working to fix that. While at it, I decided to visit the Kosmoderma skin clinic, known for its cosmetic dermatology excellence and services. I was looking for a skin treatment that would not only clear my skin but make it look healthy again.

We started off with phototesting to get an in-depth skin diagnosis and to assess the condition of my skin. The doctor then suggested medi-facial to me after discussing about my skin issues in detail. This treatment involves cleansing, microdermabrasion, peel and face massage followed by a mask at the end. The facial went on for about an hour and was super relaxing. I never realised the process duration until after it was over, it was so peaceful that I literally took a mini nap at one point.

Kosmoderma medi facial

Kosmoderma medi facial

Initially, I was a little concerned of any reaction after the facial which almost always happens to me. But it is now two weeks since I got the facial done and there is nothing that I can complain of. In fact, my skin has not felt better in months and I am already looking forward to get another round of facial done in the upcoming weeks. What made this experience stand out to me was the fact that my skin felt hydrated and clear not just after the facial but for almost a week after getting the treatment done. I am also currently using the Kosmoderma face wash, daily moisturiser and sun screen cream suggested by doctor.

I would definitely recommend you to atleast have a discussion with the doctor if you have any skin related issues and you can find all the details here.




Note: This post was in collaboration with Kosmoderma Skin clinic Bangalore but reviews are my own and not influenced whatsoever.

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