My Skincare routine with Deciem – The Abnormal Beauty Company

Deciem The Abnormal Beauty Company Review

So for the past few weeks, I am using ‘The Ordinary’ skincare products by Deciem that almost everyone in the beauty industry has been talking about. I have never had a proper skincare regimen but I am trying to utilize this time in hand to take better care of myself. I mean, I am not getting any younger but can nourish my skin to look and feel good! My usual skin care routine until now has been about face masks and basic CTM but I needed more than that at this point in time. So while looking for some good skin care to invest in, I stumbled upon the Deciem products on Instagram. After reading a lot of positive reviews and checking the price point, I decided to give it a try and picked up a few from their store in London.

Now the thing about Deciem is that they created a huge stir in beauty market by selling some of the best skincare ingredients at affordable prices. With the aim to simplify complex ingredients used in higher priced products, Deciem has broken them down into simple serums and offer a huge range to suit common skin issues. There is no fancy packaging or marketing BS going on but industry standard products at affordable pricing. For someone who is new to whole skincare thing or always thought of it as an expensive matter now has Deciem. They have made skincare accessible to each and everyone which in itself is revolutionary.

Deciem The Abnormal Beauty Company Review

Deciem The Abnormal Beauty Company Review

Deciem The Abnormal Beauty Company Review

I was suggested above products according to my skin type and to follow the given routine which I did diligently but only for a week. Blame it on a little bit of traveling and my laziness! But from the day I have started using these products, I can see a visible difference in my skin tone. Now the various clinical formulations can make your skin sensitive towards UV rays, so it is must to apply a good sunscreen each time you go out in the sun. Currently, I am only following the night time routine and love how fresh my skin feels the next morning. It is well hydrated and there is a visible sheen to it.

Disclaimer: I have a combination skin type and a mildly sensitive skin.


Alpha Arbutin 2% + HA ( Hyaluronic acid)

Deciem The Abnormal Beauty Company Review

What is it – It is a water based concentrated serum that contains 2% of Alpha Arbutin with added Hyaluronic acid.  It is Ph-balanced to not let the Alpha Arbutin compound harm your skin.

Price – It is priced at 7 GBP which is approx. 580 INR.

What it does – Alpha Arbutin is effective in reducing any spots and signs of hyper-pigmentation.

My Review – This is the first layer that goes on my skin after cleansing. I dab it with my fingers rather than rubbing it in and mostly on affected areas. After using it for few weeks, I can say this serum has helped in reducing those red spots on my face, especially around the nose. The darker ones are still there but I can definitely see them fading. The texture is very light, non-sticky and fragrance-free.


Deciem The Abnormal Beauty Company Review

What is it – Buffet is a water based multi-technology peptide serum. Peptides are basically a form of protein that helps skin retain moisture.

Price – It is the only high priced product under ‘The ordinary’ umbrella, priced at 12.70 GBP which is approx. 1050 INR.

What it does – According to the website, this anti-ageing formula combines a comprehensive array of studied technologies to target multiple signs of ageing at once.

My Review – I do not have wrinkles on my face yet but creases on my under eye area. This product has nothing to do with that but my skin feels tighter and firm. There is a suppleness to my cheeks and a firmness around my chin area. It is going to take a while before I can give a final verdict to this particular product, but for now, I am happy using this one.

Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%

Deciem The Abnormal Beauty Company Review

What is it – A water based formulation comprising of Niacinamide (Vit. B3) and Zinc components.

Price – It is priced at 5.00 GBP which is approx. 420 INR.

What it does – This serum is supposed to act on balancing the sebum activity and reduce the appearance of skin blemishes and congestion.

My review – I have seen the opposite of what this serum does on my skin. There are a number of tiny white bumps all over my face and my skin feels congested. I think it’s time for a steam session to take care of it before leaving for my holiday. Other than that, my complexion has improved and my skin looks brighter. When using it along with Buffet, you are supposed to wait at least 10-15 secs before applying this serum. It feels a bit stickier than any of the above serums and a little heavy in texture but is fragrance-free again.

100% Organic Rose Hip Oil 

Deciem The Abnormal Beauty Company Review

What is it – 100% organic and cold-pressed Rose hip oil.

Price – It is priced at 9.00 GBP which is approx. 745 INR.

What it does – This cold-pressed oil helps in reducing the sign of photo-ageing and other skin conditions.

My Review – It comes in a beautiful brown dropper bottle and is very light in texture. The only fragrant product owing to its natural scent. This oil goes on top of any or all the water based serums and feels really light on the skin. I sometimes use only this oil at night when I am too lazy but it leaves my skin glowing in the morning.

Final Verdict

I would say go ahead and try out this skincare range if it something your skin needs. The price point is a big up here but the quality is not bad either. These tiny glass bottles are travel friendly and comes with a dropper cap.

I am quite happy with the results till now but my only concern is the appearance of tiny white bumps around my chin area. Where the initial results were fantastic as my skin cleared drastically, I noticed some acne towards the fifth week, but I am sure it was because of a certain aloe vera gel that I had started using. I have stopped using it since then and hope to find the culprit! But I am definitely going to repurchase some of the products after trying all that I have.

I would highly recommend you to do a proper research before investing in any of these products and don’t just go with whatever is mentioned online. Every skin type and sensitivity are different, so make sure what you are getting for yourself is good. The website also has a guide recommending how you can combine different formulations for your requirement. So that it doesn’t harm your skin or leads to any reaction, so please read that!

I hope you found this piece useful and do let me know your thoughts on it.





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