Skin issues and care tips while Working out !!

Hey All!!

This post is going to be about the basic but important skin care tips while you try to shed those extra kilos!! Its been a long pending one actually.

I have always been a health conscious person but never a gymming or workout freak. I would work-out only when a good mood or a dead fear of putting up more weight used to hit me.
But lately i have been working-out in our society gym and also running as i found it interesting and a big stress-buster. But within a few days, i saw some teeny-weeny white and red bumps all over my face. This did horrify me initially but then i thought of looking out for the reason behind it.
I searched a lot and came across a few facts which i am going to share with you guys.

So lets start with understanding what these white bumps are anyways —

  • First of all these bumps are not pimples actually.
  • Its made up of dead skin cells , sebum(oil) and protein underneath the skin that has no way to come out due to closed surface.
  • When we exercise it opens up our pores and if proper care is not taken it can lead to serious acne/irritation.
  • It grows into white spots called ‘comedos’ on the face which then leads to white heads.

Tips to get rid of these tiny white bumps —

  • Try to keep your skin as clean as possible before leaving for workout.
  • Wash/exfoliate your face immediately after workout with a suitable cleanser.
  • Never ever scratch your face or try to remove these with your hands.
  • Use a mild scrub/cleanser for exfoliation.
  • No makeup is recommended , not even the oil-free products.
  • If working out during day time , use a good sunscreen which is non-comedogenic. (i suggest neutrogena dry touch)
  • In case your body is prone to acne, avoid wearing synthetic clothes as it does not let the skin breathe and traps sweat and heat which becomes breeding ground for bacteria.
  • Make sure to get rid of the wet/sweaty gym clothes as soon as possible after workout as it can flammate the acne(if you have any).

I have started following these small techniques and can see difference on my face.  🙂
I wash my face around 3 times a day now using my mild cleanser from forest essentials
Also, before leaving for gym i sprinkle Rose water freshener on my face instead of any moisturizer/cream and wear a lip balm.Imediately after workout i wash my face with cold water.
Thats it…

I hope this post will help you guys who are working out and facing this issue.
So no need to stop or get disheartened. Just exercise and have a great healthy life.’


Power to all..!!

C yA!!:)

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