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We women love shopping, don’t we? And today when it is so easily accessible with online market doing some amazeball job, life has become so much easier. But it did take some time before we got used to the concept and I still see that hesitance in some before picking a clothing item from an online shop. That feeling is mutual and I have my own learning experiences.

Thinking of the initial days when measuring tape was my ally, I started off by comparing sizes in actual physical store and the measurement chart readings online. Yes, It was some sort of self analysis and definitely unexciting.

So ‘How do I decide whether a dress is going to fit me’ ? The size categories we generally follow are according to the standard S, M and L whereas in real we all have different body shapes and no standard sizes are same for all. To solve this problem, Myntra has come up with a unique feature which helps you to #ShopbyShape.  A majority of items in their collection are tagged to this feature and helps you choose your outfit better besides telling what body type you are exactly.

Sounds interesting right? This feature is now live on their app and in case you have any queries about it, I am going to be there answering all your questions live on next Monday evening as part of the Myntra Style Forum.

So see you all there 🙂


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