Prints and Pastel!!


I am clearly in mood for spring at the moment or it might be an OCD, you know why i am saying this if you have seen my previous posts this and this ! Whatever it is but i can’t deny my love for the multitude of prints and colors out there. Although the weather is playing really weird and we kind of headed straight into summers but there is nothing to stop me from celebrating the onset of colorful blooms and enjoying the vibrancy nature has to offer.








Tee- Mango, Skirt- Zara, Jacket- Veromoda, Shoes- Forever21, Necklace- Youshine, Bag- Accessorize


For this outfit, I have tried to create a print-clash-balanced-by-pastel kind of look. I loved this NY crop tee for its subtle floral print on a white base and it goes with almost everything from my denims to skirts to lounge pants. The jacket seen here was an impulse buy during my shopping spree in Chennai majorly because of its pastel yellow color, plus the fabric is so lightweight and apt for summers. And while i was looking for the perfect skirt to pair along with it, i stumbled upon this one with a dark floral pattern on a water base print. I was intrigued by the idea of how every item in this outfit looked so plain individually but complimented each other when paired together.

The lemon yellow jacket is balancing out the entire print clash going in there and the block heels add a touch of relaxed elegance to it. The metallic silver mini satchel is just what was needed for that extra sheen. This might not be my general style but what fun if i do not take risks and try out different things being a style blogger. This look in particular has become my favorite and i would love to know your views on it. Do share your spring season favorites or if you are digging this trend too. Catch you all soon. Have a great day.




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