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Valentine’s is almost around the corner and the excitement is brewing up everywhere. From deciding on gifts to surprise your love with to what you should wear for that special date are a few things you all might be worried about. Though i personally do not find anything too special about the concept, and believe you don’t need a particular day to celebrate your love. But what i do find exhilarating is the idea of getting all dressed up and going out on a romantic dinner date with your partner or spending the entire day together, talking, cooking for each other or baking or may be watching romantic movies at home together followed by long romantic walks. 🙂











Top: Forever21 Skirt: Splash Heels: Forever21 Bag: H&M Necklace: Splash

But if you are planning on going out and wondering what to wear, i have curated two outfits which will be up in two different posts on the blog. In today’s post i will be talking about the first outfit which is very soft and suitable for a brunch/day date. Combination of floral and feminine pleats make it look very romantic.

All the elements in this look are very basic with a pleated skirt, floral top, strappy sandals and a sling bag. Its the colors in the outfit which make it stand out and take this minimalistic look a level up. The pleats in this skirt was the main thing that attracted me to it and i feel its a very versatile piece with black color and midi length making it wearable and super easy to style. I fell in love with the top for its ruffle sleeves and bright print. The whole look is super chic and yet very comfortable.

For a daytime look you can try something very romantic and comforting like this and a dressy look for date night. The second post is going to be about the same. Till then enjoy reading and let me know if you try this look or even if you want to share what your look is going to be or for any suggestions. I wish you guys have a lovely week ahead and stay tuned for the incoming posts!



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