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Hey Guys

How are you? It feels good to be back to the blogosphere and writing stuff after a break. If you follow me on social media you would know that i was on a work trip to Chennai around 2 weeks back. Though i was on a tight schedule, I still managed to squeeze some time out on my last day and hopped onto the famous tourist spots like Marina beach(which i left within five mins!!), T-Nagar market and Express avenue mall for some retail therapy. It was a good experience given i was travelling alone and it was my first visit to Chennai. So while i was walking by the showrooms in Express avenue mall, my eyes rested on the Faces Cosmetic store just opposite to Mac. I then decided to try something new this time although i have a list made of lipsticks i need to buy from Mac! Plus I really don’t want to stick to one thing and like to experiment to see what suits me and what i should not be looking at in future.

Talking about my expertise in makeup, its been only a year or so since i started using it but i am getting into that zone slowly and learning all the way. So, after checking out a few things i decided on these two lip shades and a peachy-pink blush. I loved the texture of these lipsticks from Ultime Pro long-wear matte range and how beautifully the shades complimented my skin tone. The blush was a last minute buy just because i loved the summery shade that it is and how it illuminates my cheeks lending in a warm glow.

The first lipstick is a perfect nude matte and has a long tube packaging. The application is easy considering its a matte which glides on perfectly. Pigmentation is quite good and is very subtle for office wear. Must say i have found my daily go to shade. And with a decent pricing of Rs. 699 for 2.5g, one can give it a try.




The second shade is a pretty coral pink that speaks of summer loud and clear. Its bright yet suits my skin tone perfectly. The staying power is around 3-4 hours and needs touch up within some time. Good thing is it does not bleed or smears out. Somehow i still want to test it in high temp conditions.




Coming to the blush, i haven’t tried too many and have been using Inglot blushes for almost a year now. So finally i took the plunge and purchased this blush in the shade ‘Glam On’ from Faces. It is a Paraben free product, not too powdery and has an illuminating effect that makes your skin glow. Its not an in your face kind of pink which blends well into my natural skin color making it suitable for both day time and evening wear.

Priced at Rs 499 for 5g, this one is a sure steal. Make sure you use a special cheek brush to apply it.




I will definitely recommend Faces for its affordable and not too confusing color pattern range. I hope you like reading this post and do let me know about your experience with the brand if you have used it. Also i would love to hear what are your favorite blushes. I am expanding my horizon here.. 🙂

Have a great week.



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