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Am i the only one feeling a crispness in Bangalore weather these days or its mutual?! Not really sure if its more of homesickness but the weather here these days reminds me of climate back in north India at this time. If you have ever visited any of the northern cities you would know and might agree with me too. There’s a nip in the air in afternoons and chilly wind blows during night time and in mornings..
The change in weather is also evident with me running for anti-biotics and i am tired of falling sick every now and then. With a generally stable climate, its very unexpected. Definitely there has been a drastic change in Bangalore weather and its outlook in last few years. Not that i am against any kind of advancement but yes if nothing is done to reinforce the lost.
Anyways i do not want to sound anything like a political or social speaker here but as they say, with power comes responsibility. So if i can convey my point to even a single individual reading this, i would be more than happy. 🙂

Where this cold weather can be sometimes very irritating, i am also excited adding winter styling pieces into my wardrobe. But I am restricting myself to very basic yet statement ones. The first fall purchase that i have done is my favorite plaid shirt. Its made out of woven cotton blended material and is soft like a baby’s bottom. 🙂 It snuggles my body and makes me feel cozy. I am very happy with this purchase and its definitely going to my favorites list. For styling, I decided not to go with the usual combinations and took a different route pairing it with my softest and lightest culottes from Koovs.

The color of these pants is very fall appropriate and goes well with my bright burgundy shirt. A hint of gold courtesy shiny big neck-piece from Splash Fashions and Avirate heels was all that i needed for a pop. Dark lips and nails from Colorbar completed my winter plaid look.











I know you guys too are lusting for Plaid shirts by now and I am all ears to what your favorite fall pieces are or is on your wish list. Lets stay connected and share as we can.. 🙂 You can also drop in any comment, suggestion, query or collaboration information in my mailbox at .

Keep it stylish..

Raman 🙂


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