Philips Essential Care Air straightener Review

On daily basis, we hustle and try our best to look good and well put, Don’t we?! Where proper grooming and priming may feel like a task at times, but in the end its all worth it. It definitely boosts our confidence and makes us happy.
And as coco said ‘A Girl should be two things, Fabulous and classy’  🙂

But when it comes to getting ready, i have noticed many people just concentrate on face ignoring their hair. There is so much fun in styling your hair differently. Besides if it changes the way you look, you gotta work it too. I personally am very choosy about the hair products that i pick and what i do with my hair. With wavy hair naturally and normal texture, I love to straighten my hair every now and then.
There was a time after college when i had to stop styling my seriously damaged hair caused by regular use of heat tools. But after entering the IT world i could not afford to carry the same look. So hair spa routines , oil massages and timely hair cuts came to my rescue. It took me almost a year to get back my naturally wavy and healthy hair. From then i have become very cautious and don’t like to experiment much with my hair. The idea of coloring my hair at the beginning of this year was a very conscious and well thought decision and i am happy with it.
My hair care routine is very simple and fuss free. I wash it 2-3 times a week with a mild shampoo and conditioner. Oil it at home twice a month and Spa once in every 30-40 days. I always keep two different shampoo products handy as i like to use it as per requirement. A little strong one to be used after oiling and mild one to be used on regular basis.
For styling i generally keep away from blow-drying on regular basis and let it dry on its own. But i do use hair straightener to make my hair look neat and manageable.

So while searching for a good hair styling product as i was bored of my regular hair straightener, i came across this Philips Essential Care Air straightener online. I took my own sweet time to decide if this was what i really needed. Its been few weeks since i laid my hands on this product and must say it has not disappointed me. I use it after hair wash on alternate basis or occasionally. But let me tell you it does nothing to style your hair. It servers the purpose of blow drying and somewhat a straightener too for my hair. I am happy as it doesn’t heat up my hair like my previous straightener and makes it look naturally straight and soft. My hair is little wavy and on lighter side so it doesn’t take much time or effort to straighten with this. The plug-in and remove brush option makes it very convenient to use this tool as a blow dry or as a straightening comb. It has a control button to increase or decrease the air pressure.
If you got some spare time, you can divide your hair into sections and use it.For me it works fine even after running it normally like a comb. Before this i apply Loreal smooth intense serum all over my damp hair or spray Tony&Guy heat protection mist. With a decent price tag and satisfactory performance this product has become one of my favorites.




Where this product works wonder for my kind of hair, i am not sure if it will work same for curly hair. The brush is somewhat soft but blow dry can help. Its the only con i found out in this product as its not versatile.

Also let me tell you, this is no paid review and is purely based on my experience with it. After this review, if you still have any queries do mail me on or comment below. 🙂

Happy Styling ladies…:)


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