Nykaa Paintstix swatches and Review

Nykaa Paintstix review and swatches

By now you all must have seen these pretty Nykaa paintstix all over the internet. So I got my hands on all the 12 shades during its launch event in Bangalore and I must say I loved the range. Nykaa has launched various shades of Nude, pink and Reds with this one and each is prettier than the other. Lipstick formula is creamy matte that glides smoothly on the lips and is very pigmented. Considering they are a matte formula, the lipsticks are quite moisturizing and feels super light on the lips, thanks to Vit E and nutrient infused butter in it.

Nykaa Paintstix review and swatches
Having fun at the launch event
Nykaa Paintstix review and swatches
Painting with Nykaa Paintstix


Nykaa Paintstix shades with number:

01 Nude Spice : This one is a warm nude shade and a personal favourite.

02 Cool Girl Nude : This is a cool-toned nude, a perfect shade that won’t wash you out.

03 No Chill Orange : This one is a peppy and bright orange shade, perfect for spring season ahead.

04 Peaches n Cream : A perfect peachy pink shade for all the soft hue lovers out there.

05 Tender Rose : A cool toned pink with hints of magenta in it.

06 Chick Flick Pink : This one is a warm pink shade with brownish tint to it, perfect for fun Friday nights.

07 Rock n Roll Pink : A warm purple toned pink that you can pull off with sass during the day time.

08 Purple Monster : This dark purple hue is a bold number and has set quite a trend in recent past.

09 Bombshell Berry : This deep berry hue is a perfect plum shade that I wouldn’t mind pepping up to on weekends.

10 Rebellious Red : A warm hued dark red colour that is enough to make you feel invincible.

11 Hearts n Kisses : This one is a perfect red shade that you would love to wear daily.

12 Grunge Brown : This deep brown shade is sure to give you that trendy, 90’s grunge look!

Nykaa Paintstix review and swatches

Nykaa Paintstix review and swatches

Price : Rs. 425 for 3.5gm.

My Experience :

Personally, I loved all the shades present in this range and quite impressed with the smooth application. Plus it makes me happy when the lipstick pigment is nice but does not take an army of makeup removers to wipe it off my lips. My only concern would be longevity or stay of these lip colors since I noticed the color coming off within two hours of application and staining my coffee mug or glass every time I had something to drink.

Talking about which I would also like to highlight the price point of view, as these lipsticks don’t burn a hole in your pocket and I would definitely recommend you to try out one (or two or a few may be!) for the range of colours available. Hope the swatches were helpful for you to decide your favourite shade and do let me if you have one!


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