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I am back after a short but amazing break and this holiday hangover will only go with time. It was more than a year after my wedding i was visiting home and it turned out to be so refreshing. The time as always passed at a supersonic speed but gave us some wonderful and warm memories to cherish. Travel, wedding parties, family celebrations and meet-ups kept us on our toes the entire time.
Although it was tiring but i could say at least that i enjoyed every bit of it. A lot of factors contribute to that and biggest being my readiness for every situation, vanity wise!! 🙂 While packing for my trip i had in mind to go with less-but-important tip, and i did the same. Where it was a blessing not being burdened by extra unnecessary weight, the impromptu invitations to family parties had me running to the market for outfit shopping again.
Frankly, when you are prepared for only one function and are told to attend three later(And 2 a day!!), its anything but natural to panic about the dress, makeup, jewelry and getting ready in a hurry , specially if it involves meeting friends and family first time after wedding. Sounds bit much, but that’s how it is!! 😉
So my mum like a fairy godmother saved me from this last minute situation and proved to be a best shopping partner you would ever want… 🙂

Now as my outfit was sorted and my vanity was already in place, getting ready task was no longer haunting me. The things that helped me glide swiftly through these situations lead me to write this post for you all. Believe me when i say it has come out of personal experience.
So with the wedding season on, there is one function after another either in our friends circle or family and i have this post which is all about some very basic but important things you would not want to miss when getting ready for a party or for your travelling kit.

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Here it goes :

  1. A mini makeup pouch – To keep important stuff all at one place. I actually took two, one carrying heavy stuff like foundation bottle, primer and blush/eyeshadow palette etc and a mini kit stuffed with things needed for touch-ups or emergency situations(Read a button popping out of your dress or lipstick getting spoiled). So in this mini-kit i carried the lipstick i had to put on at a given time, safety pins, comb, compact and concealer.
  2. Travel size Face wash and lotion – Though face wash is readily available everywhere but you really can’t rely on this to be provided by your guest or if you are suspicious like that to use stuff other than your regular one. So its always better to be armed beforehand than to return from your holidays with a cranky skin. My favorites being travel sized bottles from Forest Essentials or Kronokare.
  3. Nail filer/ Remover/ cotton – In case the nail chips out at the wrong time or the nail paint you have on does not match with the dress you are going to wear. I carried Faux nails this time saving all the money and time needed for a party ready manicure. Also it had a gold and black pattern which looked fine with almost all my dresses and super neat too. Win -Win situation 🙂


4. Mini Brush/toothpaste/mouthwash – While i was jumping from my in-laws house one day to my mayika(parents house) the other, given the distance in between is only about 20 mins. I faced this and trust me it becomes a memory challenge. So i finally got one mini brush and put it inside my tote bag. It even helps during long flights/travel. I am a nut-head like that when it comes to foul smelling mouth!

5. Face wipes – Attending a late night family function, can’t return back due to long distance, staying at relatives place that night and not carrying anything to remove your makeup with. Yes, that happens!!  A pack of wet face wipes is what you need to get rid of all those layers from your face in such emergency situations. Saves you from not looking like a cartoon next morning. 🙂

6. Mini Mirror(Pocket-size) – Ok you gotta have guts and of course a mirror to put on your lipstick in a car moving at the speed of 100! Yea i am cool like that.. Let me live with that, can you please!! 🙂
I got this cute mini mirror from forever21 and its super easy to carry and to use for touch-ups as its not always you get lucky with mirrors at a party venue!!

7. Flash light software in your phone(Just in case) – Read above point?? Ok what if the clock reads 9PM while you are in that situation!! You need a flash light darling… And its a heavy traffic area which means you cant turn on the dome light.. 🙂

8. Safety Pins/ Bobby pins/ Hair band – Anybody can have a wardrobe malfunction or just if you are not able to handle that heavy dupatta. Safety pins are the best bet and very necessary item to be carried. Bobby pins are very useful if you want to try a different hairstyle or just to pin those fringes. I tried my hands at messy side bun at one of the functions and bobby pins were my personal aide.

9. Power bank – While you are travelling long distance you need this to keep alive. Also, you would agree if you are a active social networking creature like me.

10. Perfume travel size – A must have in your vanity. Who wouldn’t want to smell nice while meeting and greeting so many people. It leaves a good first impression.

All of this and some more(depending on personal requirements) can lead to a happy travel and enjoyable experience at any function. I am a proud survivor if you ask me and well planned holidays will only leave you with good memories.



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