My 6 step guide to shopping your wardrobe

Shopping your wardrobe, restyling outfits

It you’ve ever looked at your wardrobe and thought that you’ve nothing to wear, then this article is for you. I used to be that person but over the years I have cultivated the habit of shopping my wardrobe and life has never been easier. Now I don’t feel the need to shop each time there is an event or party to attend as I go looking in my wardrobe to restyle existing pieces.

Shopping your wardrobe is not just an important step towards sustainable environment but lighter on your bank balance as well. I’d rather save that money to invest in bigger things like education or my future house, and yes, that’s a fashion blogger telling you that! So keep reading to find out the benefits and how you can shop your closet like a pro.

It takes 21 days to form a habit

Start by going on a shopping ban for 21 days and in the mean time re-arrange your wardrobe. Mostly it is our desire to shop and never the need which you’ll discover after you follow this step. And if you come across pieces that you haven’t touched for years, you must get rid of them.

Invest in key pieces

Now that you have gotten rid of unwanted stuff, make a list of pieces that you think are missing from your wardrobe and you can’t do without them. These will be your essential pieces for a functional wardrobe and depends on your style preference. For example, for a jeans and t-shirt type of girl, you must invest in a good pair of denim than wasting money on a skirt that is in trend. Or if you prefer wearing traditional dresses, don’t bother spending money on something that is out of your comfort zone just because everyone else is wearing it. Have you not seen Deepika Padukone owning her sari looks and I am sure you can do it too!

Start with basics and don’t cheat on the quality

Now if you know your style preference, half the battle is won. But in case you are not sure, start with basics. It is much easier to style basics for any given occasions and you must read my quick guide to having a functional wardrobe for pieces every girl must own.

Plan in advance

Usually, we end up going to the mall before we have an event to attend. But I would suggest taking out that time to plan your outfit in advance and have a look through your closet. I am sure your creative side will be put to good use while shopping from your closet.

Build your wardrobe in proportions

I don’t care what they say about not repeating your outfits. I think it is an absurd fashion rule and not practical at all. We need to be smart when it comes to spending our money and my one rule is to keep a healthy ratio of tops and bottoms in my closet. It basically means having a pair of trousers that will go with 3 different tops or one sweater that goes with formal and casual bottoms both.

You might find your personal style

Now if you are always shopping in stores, you are being fed what is in trend and it might not be your style. But when you are styling pieces you already have in your wardrobe, chances are you’ll end up finding your personal style. Trust me, life gets much easier when you are confident in whatever you wear and know exactly what you want while shopping. P.S. I got this dust pink coat an year back and styled it differently last winter, check here.

Shopping your wardrobe, restyling outfits
Restyling outfits, shopping your wardrobe
Shopping your wardrobe, restyling outfits
Shopping your wardrobe, restyling outfits

This is a lifestyle change and requires your time and commitment. So if you are on a shopping ban or looking to refresh things up, go shop in your closet and I am sure you’ll have fun. Do let me know your views on this.

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