Makeup Kit Guide – 10 must have products for a beginner!

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For someone who did not fancy makeup until her early-twenties, I was pretty behindhand in this department. It all started with blogging when I had to put makeup on my face to look decent in front of the camera. And being a beginner I was also confused about the kind of products that will suit my skin and how to use them eventually. One of the major concern being that it should not burn a hole in my pocket to complete those makeup kit essentials!

Well, It is obvious for someone who is new to makeup to have such confusions when there are a hundred products in the market to choose from and I have made my own set of mistakes as a beginner. I highly recommend setting a budget for yourself and doing good research in prior. Also start with economical stuff as you will definitely be wasting a lot of product while trying your hands at it.

This particular thought gave me idea for this post and I decided to jot down 10 economical drugstore products that every girl who loves makeup must have in her makeup kit. So let’s get started:


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It is very important to have an even skin texture before you start applying any makeup on it. Primer helps you achieve that, It covers the pores and makes your skin look fresh. The ColorBar primer was the first one that I personally tried and would suggest you the same. It is the cheapest option available and does a wonderful job.
Tip – If you are hesitant to shell out money on an actual primer, try Patanjali Aloe gel. It works just fine as a primer when mixed with your daily moisturizer.


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Investing in a good concealer is a must and there are a lot of economical options available to choose from. I personally have loved using the Revlon photo ready and Maybelline fit me concealer. You can select one according to your requirement and it won’t burn a hole in your pocket.
Tip – Make sure you choose the consistency according to your skin type if it is oily or dry.

BB Cream

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BB cream is a holy grail product for every girl on the go. It is a simple and effective alternative to foundation for a beginner. The fact that it is very easy to apply and does not feel too heavy to wear on a regular basis is why it falls under this list. My go to BB cream for daily use is the one by Ponds.
Tip – Use your BB cream as concealer under your high coverage foundation. This saves you some grands on a concealer if you have not much to hide under it.


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Dusting your face with a lightweight powder not only helps setting your makeup but it covers any excess oil on your face that leads to greasiness. Always go for something that looks natural and does not clog the pores. Coloressence and Maybelline make good budget buys!
Tip – Make your eye makeup last long by brushing a little compact over the eye lids before starting with eye makeup. Especially if you have oily eye lids.


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How can someone do without Kajal! Can you? I cannot! I always go for a waterproof kajal which sometimes doubles up as a quick eye liner too. ColorBar and Maybelline have good options to try from.
Tip – Use your regular Kajal pencil and smudge it at the outer corners of your eyes for a simple smokey eye look.


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There is no saying no to this! To curl those lashes or to add some volume, mascara is my HG product for bigger brighter eyes.
Tip – Use a clean tooth brush to declump mascara if you have added more by mistake.

Eye brow pencil

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Eyebrows being the high point of your face brings a lot of attention to it. Use a lighter shade than your brow colour to get neat and fuller brows. Trust me, you do not want the brow game going haywire!
Tip – Fill in your brows with the non-shimmery darker shade in your eye shadow palette using an angled brush.


Dynamatte Lipstick

It was lipstick that I started with as a beginner and if you are not someone who loves bright lips, start with subtle colours like pink or nude shades. Also, there are a various finishes to choose from like matte or glossy. I personally am into matte lips these days, may be its summer or may be its the way matte lipstick looks on me.
Tip – Double up your lipstick as a blush when you are travelling or in a hurry. If it looks too shiny on your cheeks, dab some powder on top of it with a powder brush.

Eye shadow palette

Investing in a basic eye shadow palette is must even if you are going to use it on occasional basis. You can go with basic shades like gold, black,brown, grey, silver, shimmery white, shimmery pink or rose gold. Maybelline and Loreal have some really nice and affordable options available.
Tip – Use the shimmery white as a highlighter for your face.


While I have used my fingers to apply makeup for really long, I only understood the importance of brushes when I noticed the difference it can create. Right tools and technique can really bring that airbrush look to your makeup and makes it last long.
Tip – For a perfect base, Use sponge to spread your foundation and a stippling brush later to even it out. Blending is very important when working with brushes.

I hope this post was helpful to you and specially to those who have reached out to me with questions related to makeup kit list, products and techniques. 🙂 I promise to come up with more useful posts in the future, may be some makeup looks. So please share this post if you like it and to don’t forget leave your comments below.



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