Instagram Diaries !!

Hey Guys…  🙂

Its been a week since i did my last post. Couldn’t spare time out of my crazy week , long days at work and working weekends.  🙁

So, as i catch up with you all after a week, i thought of sharing some of the bits and pieces of my past few days as on Instagram.
I find Instagram addictive but it is Interesting too.  Plus, it takes only few minutes to share whats going around you and only with people you want to. Sounds fun..Isn’t it.. 🙂

So, if you are not yet following me on Insta. Click here – huesofme

Here’s the Peek-a-boo … ;P


That’s how my office looked at weekend!!  Empty and dreaded :O



Part of my Daily Night-Routine — Hand savior from Crabtree & Evelyn



 Smiling Faces 🙂 Was missing them a lot, ze Parents 🙂



Relaxed and ethnic-fusion look for office!!



Indulged in some Magnum love after swim!! It was Yummmmmm 😀



The denim-on-denim and blingy Friday look!!



Posing again 🙂 With my new Mirrored sunnies. Shopping is my healing therapy for working-weekend stress !!  ;P 😀



Coffee is part of the therapy too .. 🙂



Arm swag!! Neon is the call of the hour, i mean season!!  🙂



Have a look at the pics and enjoy!!

Will catch up soon with a new post… 🙂

Till then, Stay Gorgeous. 🙂


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