Instagram models or Influencers? Blogging is not same anymore!

Influencer marketing in India, Blogging in India

Influencer marketing in India, Blogging in India

Influencer marketing in India, Blogging in India

Influencer marketing in India, Blogging in India

Influencer marketing in India, Blogging in India

Influencer marketing in India, Blogging in India

Influencer marketing in India, Blogging in India

It used to be a thing in the past when only models who fit a brand’s beauty standards were hired to become face of the brand. With the rise of influencer marketing in recent times, this field of work has expanded to take in real people out there with their flawed skin and curves, banishing those standards. These people have a voice that reaches the audience and are often termed as an influencer. In a layman’s term, Influencer is a person who has the ability to influence his/her audience with their work, be it writing/blogging, photography or fashion styling for an example and helps brand market its products. These are the people we look up to for inspiration and can relate to.

But with the increase in numbers of these influencers, social media is becoming saturated with filtered and photo-shopped images of real people wanting to be perfect. There are more brand-endorsed posts on a blogger’s (now influencer) social profile these days than an actual written post on the blog. Now I understand the need to stay in the game but the very essence of blogging is kind of lost or am I the only one who feels that way. And the fact that our Instagram is filled with model-like girls trying to make it big, throws light on how we are going backwards and giving into the same old beauty standards. I had written a post on this topic earlier, you can read it here.

Sadly, many don’t understand the power of influence and getting invited to events or working on brand collaborations for free is a desperate attempt being sought after to get visibility. Now we all know that brands have to pay a hefty amount to stars and models to market their product but when it comes to paying a micro blogger like me, their budget suddenly shrinks?! And it is beyond my understanding why people agree to do this for free. I believe in order to deal with this issue, all of us have to stick to our niche while maintaining our brand value. Marketing people must also do a streamlined and in-depth search for the kind of influencers they are looking to represent their client. Only then it will be a win-win situation for all the parties and prevent irrelevant influencer marketing. A few years ago, I was part of this very interesting video project by Myntra talking about how women of different shapes and sizes face difficulties in finding right clothes for themselves and should celebrate their bodies irrespective of that. They actually had real girls with different body types to represent the case. This is a very simple example of relevant influence and the very reason for me to say yes to this project was understanding the kind of impact it’ll make on girls coming across the video and of course my audience.

Now I’m not going to point out the ways blogging industry has changed over the years. But from my experience of almost 5 years doing this, things were much simpler and real back then. Blogging celebrated individuality, but since a few years now, it is more about trying to fit in the standards laid in front of us via smartly edited Insta pictures. The upcoming influencer thinks posting model like pictures and getting invited to events is the very core of what we do here. I mean not all of us have glamorous lives portrayed on social media and we struggle to keep up with this like any regular job. The only difference is the fact that we can choose the projects that help us grow and excel in this field, if given a chance.

So what can we do in this situation, I do get this question a lot about how to start a blog and if this is a right time to start? And my standard answer is to do it only if you are really passionate about it. Find your niche and stick to it, give your audience something to relate to and do it with all your heart. When working with brands, make sure it resonates with you and you can do justice to the brand image with your work. While sometimes you will not be paid but understanding your value and the influence you can create with your work is definitely going to help you in the long run and eventually make you money. Now I have made many mistakes in the past but all these years of blogging have taught me a lot and while my journey is nothing short of a roller coaster ride, I am certainly not ready to give up on it yet just because I am not invited to events or still being sent free samples!


Skirt: Forever21, Shirt: Zara (old), Bag: Miniso


  • I really like the very valid point of finding your niche and sticking to it, as most of the blogs i come across these days is posting anything or everything to get collaborations and some minimal benefits.
    We shouls definitely try to podt the best and notagree to something which doesn’t convince even us.

    Instagram handle parenting_ecstasy

  • Thats a beautifully expressed post. I agree with you on everything you said here. Being new in this field i can already feel all of that. Even i have given in to editting pictures to make them insta perfect. My blog is in the nascent stage right now. Being a mommy to 2 kids, its difficult to give a lot of time to the blog. But i try and do as much as i can. And slowly but steadily i hope to achieve what i want to.

    • I understand it can get difficult at time but we need to make with whatever we have in our hand right. I wish you all the good luck on this journey.

  • This article is so much needed. Yes blogging is breaking all the mental barriers which previously existed. Kudos to you for having written such a wonderful article . Lots of love from @maishaaandmommie

  • Hey Lovely Lady,
    I indeed enjoy your posts and wait for the new ones. In one way or the other these bring positive energy. The way you carry yourself, which we get to know through your posts, is an inspiration. I really appreciate how you represent an ordinary familiar place so beautiful. After exploring your posts of those familiar place, I get thoughts that this place was not like that before, it was hardly notable. I am happily proven wrong by you that to be an influencer you should have perfect figure, high class lifestyle, be in beautiful country, belong to a fashion industry etc. but now I know these facts doesn’t matter when you have the ability to represent yourself perfectly with full confidence.
    Yes for me your are an inspiration, positive vibe and a sunshine.
    With lots of love 💕
    Meenu Malik
    Instagram- @meenu.malik.3382

  • I loved the way you spoke about the real significance & power of being an influencer. You are so much of a positive vibe to me. And yes we all need to do anything that we are passionate about. I am in love with your outfit. Absolutely adore the way you have styled it. My Instagram handle is delina_pinto

  • I really like the honesty with which you have written this. You should go for something only if you’re really passionate about it. To be very frank, I have never used Photoshop because I really just don’t care about what others think.
    Coming to the pictures, I really love your skirt. Myntra is my favorite shopping destination too. I am so happy to be a part of your blog.
    My name is Heer Jalundhwala & I am from Mumbai. I have subscribed as & my Instagram is hot_h92. It would really mean a lot to me if I win as I can try beautiful skincare products. Thank you for hosting it!

  • I really love the honesty with which you have penned down this article. I also believe that only if you’re passionate about something then only you should go for it. I have to be very frank never used photoshop. If people don’t like it, i simply dont care.
    I am really in love with this skirt & Myntra is my favorite shopping destination too.
    Coming to the giveaway, I have already subscribed as & my Instagram is hot_h92. It would mean a lot to me if I win as I get to try beautiful skincare products.

  • I must say that you have penned down your thoughts in a clear n easy way to understand. I totally get what you are trying to say. Not to offend you or any other blogger/influencer but posting 6 pics in the same outfit just because you look pretty in that is not helping me as an audience. Ok I get it. One did make up, hired a professional photographer n got those pics clicked n one is looking extremely pretty. But one looking same pretty in all 6 pics is not influencing me at all. Blogging/writing is definitely a hard work to do. Even doing reviews is a difficult job. I hope you are able to understand what i am trying to say. I don’t mean to offend you or anyone else. I like your outfit in this post. My insta handle is myeloquentwardobe

  • So many issues with Instagram and brands! They never seem to have money but there’s always a long list of requirements. Wish they understood you get quality you pay for. Anyway love the skirt and the outfit pictures! Insta: @fashionandfrappes

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