About Me


Hi, I’m Raman (rhymes with ‘Summon’)! 😉
Let me tell you a little bit about myself and my blog.

I created HuesofMe in 2014 when I was first introduced to the idea of blogging while working a full-time IT job at IBM! My work had nothing to do with social media or blogging but I found the latter very interesting. With little to no clue when I started, I taught myself how to create a website, update SEO, social media marketing, or even hashtags! It has been a couple of years since I launched this blog and what started as a passion project initially is an extension of my career now.

Having left my IT job in 2017, I jumped headfirst into creating content for my social media and blog while living in the UK for a year. I got the chance to work with a lot of brands over these years. Last year I decided to enroll in a digital marketing course after moving to Canada to pursue a career in this industry. At present, I live in Toronto and pursuing digital media marketing studies at GBC. I am currently transitioning into the role of a digital marketer and plan on sharing my journey and learnings on the blog as I go. 

You can expect to see self-help articles, my takeaways from the digital marketing course and related jobs, along with the usual content on the blog. I cannot wait to start sharing more with you all and until then, let’s use social media to empower each other and create a community that we can be proud of! 


You can also get in touch with me on –
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