Wearing a Red Pout with élan!!

How to wear Red Lip

Hello Everyone

Today’s post is about tips to wear a Red lipstick and avoiding any faux pas!

I am sure every girl likes to wear Red lipstick but there are a lot of them wearing it wrong making it look like a total disaster.

Red is a very strong color and pops out on your face. So even a little colour leakage or any patch can destroy your makeup look.

There are various shades of red available in the market. So you need to be very careful in choosing the right one that suit your skin tone.

Red is meant to make you look sexy and not messy. So make sure you chose the right color for your skin tone and here are a few tips on how to make that perfect Red look perfect on you:

1.Never wear Red with dark makeup : Complete no-no to loud makeup but neutral makeup with a hint of blush.

2.Take your time to choose that Perfect Red for yourself : There are a lot of different shades of Red available.See here Shades of Red(Wiki) . So choose that perfect one for yourself keeping in mind your skin color.

3.Never over-do it : Which means never try to put a Red lip-liner along. The safest way to fill the lip is by using a Lip-brush or using a nude/light colored liner(only if you need it badly).

4.Prep your Lips well : The lips should be properly hydrated and moisturized beforehand. Try to use a lip scrub once a week to keep the dead/dull skin away.

5.For that Neat application and long stay : Use a lip primer, fill lip-color , blot and re-fill the color last time with brush and your lip color will stay for good long hours.

Apart from lipsticks, there are a variety of lip tints, lip-glosses available in the market which can be a better option to start for a beginner.

How to wear a Red Lip

Hope you liked reading this piece. Leave comments and suggestions below.!! 🙂

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