How to make your wardrobe winter ready

Winter Wardrobe, styling tips for winter

It’s a joke around here that Toronto’s weather is bipolar and from my experience in the last two years, it can get a little trickier sometimes trying to put together outfits for the season! One day the roads will be covered with snow and the very next day can be super warm, making it impossible for you to breathe under the same winter layers. Having said that, the trick is to learn how to layer the right way and make it look effortless! Plus when I say it gets warm, think a subtle 2-3 degree shift and it’s still freezing cold! 

As I was mentally preparing myself for the winters before moving to Canada, my mother, the sweetest person on earth comes to me and says that for the kind of person I am who hates cold climate, god prepared me for Canadian winters by sending me to the UK the year before. I didn’t take her seriously then but to think of it, I sure don’t feel lost while deciding winter outfits now and haven’t caught a cold yet! As a matter of fact, I didn’t even have to shop for any winter clothes for Canada! Here are some of the tricks that helped me and I hope they’ll be useful for you too!

Learn the art of layering 
There is no other way to survive cold in a stylish coat you own than layering. If you are not sure of how to do it, just throw a turtle neck sweater over your regular tee or collared shirt under the button-down and you are good to go. Make sure the coat is a little oversized for extra comfort and the color is not clashing with the rest of your outfit.

Invest in quality thermals 
If you are not someone who likes wearing chunky sweaters under your jacket (I know a few people who don’t), thermals are your best bet. They don’t feel heavy on your skin and still keep you nice and toasty when its freezing outside. I get mine from Uniqlo and never liked anything better.

Cover your ears, hands and ankles 
We often resist shelling out money for that little overpriced wool cap or gloves but this is like preparing to loose the battle already. I am not asking you to burn a hole in your pocket for a pair of gloves but if you have someone who can knit it for you, by all means do that. I don’t want to sound like a grandma but bare ears and bare ankles are an open invitation to catching cold!

Colour coordinate your outfits
I am all about staying warm first and fashion comes later but once the former is sorted, my main aim is to have a wardrobe that is colour coordinated. It is never about the quantity for me so if I have to buy 2 jackets this winter, I’ll make sure I have one that goes with atleast 70% of my basics. I have 3 pair of denims in my wardrobe currently and all are different shade and style to match my sweaters and jackets. This way I’ll also have an option to create a variety of looks and not feel bored.

Keep an eye on trends you can incorporate into your looks
This point is an extension to the previous one. If you believe you are running out of options to style your clothes, make sure to do a little research on what’s trending as it may help you restyle your old pieces or sometimes even summer clothes. Like I still have a few of my summer dresses and a skirt that I layer with long coats and jackets on days I am in mood to experiment or for some special occasions.

There is no dearth of ways to keep warm and still look stylish but these are some sure shot ways and I hope you had fun reading through them. Let me know your favourite tip in the comments below!

Winter Wardrobe, styling tips for winter
Winter Wardrobe, styling tips for winter

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