How to find the best puffer jacket for you

How to style a puffer jacket, Huesofme Blog

If there is one winter jacket that everyone must have in their wardrobe, it is a cozy Puffer jacket!

It’s the best winter garment ever created and almost feels like your cozy blanket when you have to step outside in tumbling weather conditions. But with numerous design and styles available in the market, it gets difficult to find that perfect one for yourself. Factors like your body type, occasion and personal style preference plays a very important role in finding the right one.

When I came across this shiny red number, I could not believe myself falling so hard for it and finally buying it. It fitted me perfectly and was the right length for my height. The red colour is bright but it sure feels like a treat to the eyes on gloomy days.

So if you’re struggling to find that perfect puffer this winter which does not look like you’re wearing a fat man suit, take note of the points below.

How to style a puffer jacket
Deciding the color, and it doesn’t have to be black always

If there is one fashion rule that you must break this winter, it is wearing only darker colours. And if you are feeling a little experimental, there’s one available in every single colour from the rainbow out in the market. You can also try a shiny puffer if you’re up for something extravagant. After all, what is fashion without some fun!

Length of the jacket depends on your height

Once your search is narrowed down to colour, next factor to consider is the length of the jacket. For my height, I prefer it to fall just below my knee to not make it look like it’s dragging my outfit down. So before you go online looking for one, take note of the length perfectly suited for you.

Dress like the streetstyle star in you

Now whether you go with black or any fun colour, styling a puffer jacket can be a little tricky. I can’t think of wearing anything other than jeans at this moment given the weather situation here but you can style it with a skirt or even a dress and wear sneakers for that complete street style look. For a more formal setting, I’d go with sleek hairstyle and swap sneakers for ankle boots. There’s no shortage of ways you can make this cozy piece work with different items from your closet with a little thought.

How to style a puffer jacket, Huesofme Blog
How to style a puffer jacket
How to style a puffer jacket
How to style a puffer jacket
How to style a puffer jacket, Huesofme Blog, Toronto street style Blog

And even if you don’t live in a cold country, these puffer jackets are a superb street style piece, so make sure you’ve got yours for that upcoming winter travel!

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