Goodbye 2016 , Hello 2017

Goodbye 2016, you were good. Now it’s time to Welcome 2017 and I am as excited as a kid! This year just went by in a blink and now that it is coming to an end, it’s time to look back at the memories we collected on the way. I am really thankful for all the new opportunities and experiences I gained over time. Blogging was so much fun with all your love and support. I got to connect with so many new people through this platform, online or offline, and it changed me as a person a little more.

I had read the term ‘outgoing anti social’ somewhere and it stuck with me since then as I related myself to it. Not everybody is good with small talks and I personally can get really awkward at times. But to know that I am not the only one felt comfortable. I focused more on my strengths and practiced not being too hard on myself. This helped me to be a better version of myself and to have a focus. Sometimes you get intimidated but finding a balance is the key which I think I was able to understand.

Fitness wise I might not be in the best shape yet but I managed to eat healthy and work out this past year which I am very proud of. This is such a big push for me to do even better in the coming year and I have already set goals for myself. I feel 2016 was about laying the groundwork and there’s a lot to do in the coming year. I can’t wait for 2017 to begin and hope to make it a benchmark year in my life!

To bid adieu to a wonderful year we planned a party theme post and I am quite excited how it turned out to be. It is a special one for both Shivam and I as it was something that we conceptualized and executed for the very first time. It has been 3 years since I started blogging but every time we do something different, I feel a sense of achievement. We only plan on taking it a notch higher in 2017! Also I want to thank our friends( you know who you are!) for all their support and help during this shoot. We love you guys! πŸ™‚

Talking about this look, Velvet is the season’s hottest trend and I got my hands on this pretty number a little while ago. Though I was very tempted to wear it before but decided to save it for the New year’s party. However, I might not be wearing it then as we are travelling to Goa for New year weekend and I don’t see myself carrying this dress with me. Shooting this outfit indoors with just basic equipments was a challenge and fun at the same time. The quality might not be the best but we opened doors to a world new to us and there is always room for learning. So with that thought lets say adios to an exceptional year and welcome new year with a smile!
Wish you all a very Happy New Year!




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