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Home made coffee scrub DIY

It you love drinking fresh brewed coffee at home like me, you would know the pain of throwing away leftover coffee grounds. There is nothing much that we can do with it anyway but I found a good way to enjoy my coffee once more before discarding it. This DIY coffee body scrub is a super food for your skin and real quick to make at home.

In case you don’t have coffee grounds handy at home, just grab yourself a packet from the supermarket and use it to make this scrub alone, trust me you are not going to regret it! Coffee is rich in antioxidants and helps remove dead skin cells from your body while exfoliating it. This results in proper oxygen circulation and hence shiny glowy skin. Not only that, studies show that regular use of coffee scrub helps reduce the appearance of cellulite too. Now read below the list of ingredients and steps to make this scrub at home.


Ground coffee – You can use fresh grounds or used ones, both work fine.
Oil (Coconut, olive or any  natural oil)
Brown/White sugar


Steps to follow:

Scoop coffee into a jar with air tight lid

Home made coffee body scrub DIY

Add in your preferred oil (I use organic coconut oil) 


Home made coffee body scrub DIY

Pour sugar in the ratio of one-third with coffee and mix everything well


Home made coffee body scrub DIY

Home made coffee body scrub DIY

Always make sure the jar is air tight for scrub to last long. And don’t worry if it gets a little messy in your bathroom, just use hot water to dissolve it off. Now I am not sure how well it works on cellulite but it does leave my skin super soft after each use.

So go ahead and give it a try and don’t forget to tell me how you like it. 🙂 If you love the smell of coffee, you are definitely going to enjoy using it!





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