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Now, we all have been through those times when a friend makes a sudden movie plan on tuesday, colleagues decide to go out for dinner after work or you get so tired of routine work life that you crave for a mid-week party. Nobody is complaining about it though but the painful part is the stress of getting ready in a hurry out of your otherwise busy schedule.
Saying that, I am reminded of all those friday night or weekday dinner plans with hubby when I have literally strangled myself to frustration of not being able to get ready on time and with perfection being in a hurry. I work in an IT company and have a routine job which explains all the above said.
This usually ends up in me getting late or mood getting spoiled. So the reason behind this post was very practical and personal. With experience, I have become smart about my choices and more responsible about my time that i now use in as effective way as possible.

So In this post I thought of sharing my idea of how we can transform a day/workwear look into a night/party look and what needs to be taken care of for the same.This definitely saves a lot of time and energy.

Day/Work time look





Party Look

Changed into my party heels, gold accessories complementing the blue and some light party makeup with hint of smokey eye and pink lips for this look.





20140820-IMG_1275Outfit Details:
Dress- Mango / Nude heels- zara / Golden heels- Steve madden / Accessories- assorted

Some tips that i follow and surely can help you all too:

1. Proper planning – If you know in prior then plan well in advance. A little planning always saves time and extra effort.
2. Accessorize – That’s the key. Even when you are in no mood to change into a party dress, you can always amp up any outfit with the correct jewellery. A shiny clutch, statement necklace and danglers are your saviors. Just keep in mind the co-ordination between your outfit and accessories.
3. Shoe it up – Make way for those shiny heels ditching your formal shoes. High heels not only lift us but our outfit to an another smart level.
4. Makeup – Now, this is a very important part of your look. Adding a bright lip color, mascara and doing your eyes and cheeks are enough to set you into a party mood.
5. Layering – Works wonder if your outfit is simple. A sequined jacket over a plain shirt and skirt is the most effortless yet stylish way to change into party look.
6. Hairstyle – Just keep your hair open or pin it up in a sleek pony. Whatever your outfit demands, keeping in mind what suits you.

Last but not the least. Let your mind wander and take you to the land of imagination where you can curate looks for yourself. If that doesn’t work, i am always there to help. 🙂

With that and much love, i am giving a pause to my talking and let you read and enjoy this post. Reach out to me for any questions or details at

See you all next time with a new project and new post. Till then, Stay Gorgeous.  🙂


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