Celebrating 3 years of togetherness and Couple photos we clicked

Anniversary post

Anniversary post, Couple photos

Anniversary post, Couple photos

Anniversary post, Couple photos

Huesofme, Anniversary post, Couple photos

Anniversary post, Couple photos

Hi Guys!

Those of you who follow me on my social media platforms other than blog would know that Shivam and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary last Sunday. Yes, 3 long years and looking back at this journey makes me think about all the good and bad times we’ve spent together! Even though we knew each other for a long time before getting hitched but marriage is a different phase altogether!! A lot of things change starting from moving in for life with someone else other than your parents, learning to adjust to these changed situations which also involves setting up your own house or most importantly knowing how to be a good partner. Understanding your other half, learning to have patience, respecting each others interests or something as simple as knowing how to maintain a balance between different roles that you play proves to be very helpful.

Personally, It has been a whirlwind journey and I consider myself blessed having Shivam by my side during all of this and more. We both have had our own share of goof ups but I am proud that we learnt from it and never considered giving up an option.

This time to celebrate our anniversary, we had decided to go on a vacation but somehow travel plans didn’t conceptualize till last moment and we ended up not going anywhere. I was a little disappointed to be real but Shivam made up to it with an unexpected gift. He took me to Tanishq and got me a beautiful pair of gold earrings. It was a special moment for me not just because of the present but for his gesture behind it. We both don’t believe in this custom of getting each other big presents on special occasions but rather like to make the day special in our own little ways.  So when I thought we were going out for a cozy dinner date, he surprised me big this time.

Also as strange as it may sound but the idea of clicking self portrait struck me that day and Shivam being the biggest supporter of my crazy ideas happily jumped onto it with me. It was out first time shooting self portrait and we had very little expectations from it. But I can’t begin to tell you how much fun we had trying to pose together for the camera which also reminded us of our wedding shoot. Surprisingly we managed to get some beautiful pictures too and it became the best memory of that day for me. I decided to put up this post to share my day with you all and also to keep a log of it here on my blog. In case I would want to go through my day once again for an extra smile 🙂





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