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While some of you may be well informed by the term ‘blogging’ or who a ‘blogger’ is, there are still a handful of people who are doubtful about the workings of it all. Even at this point having to clarify that blogging is different from modelling and there is a reason why I am paying (from my own pocket) to keep my website running is beyond me.

I have come across people liking pictures on social media and still questioning about the outfit when it is all mentioned in the posts on my blog. I mean if it was only about tagging my dresses on Instagram why would I even keep a website. We bloggers kill ourselves to think out of the box concepts, improve our posing skills, work on editing and write meaningful content. How is that equal to modelling? Unlike models, I buy my own clothes and makeup, nobody is paying me to take out time to shoot these looks or to do all the styling (unless stated/collaboration). And come on, I am no model material! So when I come across such remarks, I wonder if the other person is mocking me. ;P

This is the first time I am talking (rather ranting) about something that bothered me but I have been blogging for more than 3 years now and there is a lot that has gone into it during this period. I have worked hard in maintaining a steady blog and to put up relevant content every single time. Not to forget the number of stressful hours spent while working on the layout and design of my website. I have come a long way with the posing and makeup skills and Shivam has grown a lot as a photographer too, hence better pictures. And all this while working on our respective full time jobs. Now that is a personal choice but at this point I am really proud that I decided to work on something I loved so deeply. But to come across people who think of it as modelling without even reading through my blog feels disheartening.

Every article on my blog has a personal story to it. It can be anything from my travels to a trend that I like or something that catches my fancy as a lifestyle blogger. I am not here to just show you the clothes I wear or the pictures we click. I am here to connect, to covey my idea of styling and share my views about something that I feel will be beneficial for the readers too. Now you are bound to see my face here because after all it is a personal blog.

With that I would like to end this rant here and also this post with a handful of outfit pictures we shot a while back. πŸ™‚

Top, Pants, Coat – Missguided , Earrings – Vero Moda



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  • Forget the regular people (some of who may even look upto a blogger), what bothers me the most is the attitude of the PRs and some brands that don’t treat us bloggers and our work with enough respect. That being said, loved the look <3

  • Maybe people say model in the social media comments as a compliment?
    You do look incredibly gorgeous in all the outfit posts.
    But yes being a blogger is a whole other story! And I rather be called that

  • I have always had the problem of being asked if I am a model. Well, of course I am, but I am a blogger first. It’s nice to be known as a model when you have zero requirements to be one πŸ˜€ But at the same time, that overshadows the fact that I am a fashion blogger. So yeah. Great post! A much needed one!

  • Very well written Rammy.. despite these handful of people around.. there are loads of others who look forward to reading your posts (I , being one of them☺).. so keep going girl.. πŸ‘πŸ˜Š

  • A very good post Raman and clarity about blogger, blogging and different kinds of bloggers. It’s nice for the readers and new reader to understand the efforts put about the fashion sense, the dress you carry and trying to make an article on it.. For we learn something out from every individual.. Carrying a dressing sense means a lot, if you are crazy of your own design n style.. Showcasing it gives a beauty… I liked the post was written to make understand… Good going dear. Remb you sometimes… πŸ™‚ cheers

    • Means a lot Supra. I am so glad to read your feedback here. This is what keeps me going πŸ™‚

  • I think the problem lies in the fact that there are too many people who only pose for Instagram and also call themselves as bloggers. Hence the confusion. I have had people ask me if I will be setting up a beauty parlour because I am a beauty blogger.
    But we continue to do what we do best.
    Love the outfit as well!

    • Cannot agree more Krupa! I just wanted to put it out there what I do and why I do that.. πŸ™‚

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