Bali Day 4 & 5 – A walk by the Kuta Beach, Rice paddy and Kintamani temple

Kuta Beach

Hello All πŸ™‚

Hope you are having a good day. Today’s post would be my last one from Bali travel chapter. Every time i drafted a post about it, i re-lived the memories along. Bali was a very nice experience with so much to explore and see, rich culture and amazing people. The memories i gathered from there are like treasure to me which i have tried to share with you all through these posts. πŸ™‚

The last two days in Bali were pure fun. On second last day we just explored the local area on foot and went to Kuta beach in the evening. Its picturesque but gets very crowded and i personally am a lover of serene calm beaches so did not spend much time there. But infact spent time walking down the unknown streets of Kuta and exploring local market. Here are a few pics from that day.

My relaxed high-low shirt dress was perfect for the day of walking and heat.



Starbucks coffee shop is like literally at every other turn in Kuta area.


Enjoying some exotic shakes!!Β  YummmΒ  πŸ™‚


These days were cherry on top of the entire time we spent in Bali.


The beautiful stretch of Kuta Beach.


I feel this pic below came out like a canvas painting!! Gorgeous sunsets were always a perfect end to the day. πŸ™‚


Beachwalk is the premises for high-end brands and restaurants.


Huge open area inside mall all decorated and lit up for some Car launch.



Bottles full of secrets!!Β  πŸ˜‰


On our Last day we planned to visit the Kintamani temple which is located in East Bali and about 2 hours drive from Kuta. It was a must in our list as we had heard a lot about the beauty of surrounding hills there , Lake Batur and active volcano of Mount Batur. It was all worth-it when we reached and to end our trip with this was the best thing that happened.

We stopped on the way to see the huge spread of Rice paddy which is like Green hill slopes. A mini-trek was what it took to reach the rice plantations. Have a look at the pics –

Oh and yea this is what i wore for this amazing day πŸ™‚ <3


The Rice hill i should say , which we trekked πŸ™‚




Being all touristy!! πŸ™‚


The restaurant where we sat and enjoyed our lunch amongst the clouds. It is a high point and clouds were giving there surprise appearances.


This is Mount Batur which is an active volcano. The effects due to lava can still be seen in surrounding areas of the mountain.
We could not capture the volcano properly as it was cloudy and drizzling there. Also there was a big ceremony going on in the main temple premises so we could not even see the Kintamani temple. But it was very relaxing and pleasant to just sit and watch the clouds and feel the air around us. We sat there for quite a long time, about 2 hours before we left for our hotel.



Me and hubby both are really bad at deciding on the places to eat. So for our last dinner in Bali we wanted to make it a special one. Plan was to go to some nice restaurant and just have good food. But fate had something else planned for us. We ended up getting a typical Balinese spa and i even got the manicure done. Dinner at Kitchenette in Beachwalk plaza. And ended the craziness with a typical train dance with complete strangers in Hard Rock Cafe, Bali .Pure fun it was and perfect end to our day as well as trip. πŸ™‚

This was what i wore for our special dinner date πŸ™‚

Β Β  20140427_204809_HDR

Balinese flower Manicure πŸ™‚


Perfect backdrop for a fun night πŸ™‚


Posing along….. <3 <3


So our day ended and without any sleep as we had an early morning flight to catch, we reached Airport with big smiles on our faces and memories in our hearts. πŸ™‚

This is the Sunrise i captured from the plane as i bid Goodbye to this beautiful placeΒ  …. πŸ™‚IMG_3729

Hope you liked this series of posts i did on our Bali travel. I thoroughly enjoyed writing it and sharing with you guys. Do leave comments or any questions or if you want me to do a post on how we planned this trip as it was a self-planned one.

Will be back soon with a new write-up.
Till then

Stay Happy and Gorgeous πŸ™‚


Outfit Details:
Shirt dress – CODE
Bag – Mango
Second outfit – New Look
Third outfit – Van Heusen
Flats – Done By None




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