Bali Day 2 – GWK , padang-padang beach , uluwatu- Kecak dance

Kecak Dance

Hello lovely Readers!!

How is the week coming along for you all? Mine is not so good as i am not keeping well from past 3 days. These changing weather situations always does this to me. The only good part was watching Amazing Spiderman 2 3D on Monday.  We thoroughly  enjoyed the movie and 3D experience at PVR cinemas.

Anyways , As promised I am back again with my new post on our second day tour in Bali. I have a loads of pics to share with you all. So on our second day we explored GWK i.e Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park , Padang-Padang beach and Uluwatu for Kecak or Fire dance.

GWK is a large cultural park offering Balinese dance performances in an exclusive open amphitheater  , Fun -rides on Segway which is a two-wheeled self balancing ride , big statues of Garuda and Wisnu gods , souvenir shops , Balinese cuisine restaurant , Lotus pond and i even saw a lady giving nail-paint change services for 10,000 Rupiah. Dont get shocked reading this, its less that a dollar which is about 50-55 indian rupees. 😛

Entrance of the park


Us!! Posing .. 😛 🙂


Such intricate carvings can be found everywhere in Bali. This one is on a stone showing Lord Vishnu avatar.


Balinese dance performers. such elegance and expressions. whoa!!


The Musicians!! These are the only instruments they use to produce the sound.


Posing with the performers 😀


Posing again!! That is the entrance to the Lotus pond and Statues.


local worshiper.


Stairs leading to the 18 meters tall statue of Garuda placed temporarily. Garuda is considered as the ‘vahan’ ride of lord Vishnu.


That is again a fine carving. Exquisite isn’t it !!


The 20 meter tall copper statue of the Lord Visnu is placed on highest hill of Ungasan where visitors can enjoy sunset or sunrise over the magnificent view of Kuta, Benoa and Sanur area.

Vishu’s hands are yet to be added to the statue for the completion and are built and placed separately near the GWK area.


The small creature posing in front of Vishnu statue is Moi!! 🙂


A beautiful pond in the area.


Posing with the Turtle ride!! 😛


After GWK, chocolate tasting happened made from Bali coco on the way to padang-padang beach !! I so wanted to buy some chocolates to bring back home but did not as it would have melted out.


Pretty girl who showed us around.


The next stop was Padang-Padang beach. There is a narrow path between 2 giant rocks that you need to cross to reach the beach from road. There are stairs but its dark and people carried surf boats. We reached and were mesmerised!! The giant waves and stone formations on the beach were a sight in themselves. This one is famous with the surfers and you would see a lot of them around.


Beautiful rock formations on the Beach.



That scenic beauty and us!! <3 <3


The unending waters!!


Bidding adieu to this beautiful place we headed over to Uluwatu temple for Kecak dance show. The kecak or fire dance as they call it is the Balinese dance form depicting the battle of Ramayana. There are a number of men wearing checkered sarongs chanting ‘chak’ in a musical form and performers dressed as different characters of Ramayana created a musical play. The evening dance show is accompanied with a beautiful sunset view.

You need to wear a sarong too before entering the temple premises.


Watching the Sun and the Sea, lost in their beauty!!


That view!!


Puja before the start of show..


Here comes the Rama and Sita


Sky changing its colors <3


Lanka dahan by Hanuman…


Posing with the funniest Hanuman. During the play he even jumped into the audience and got ‘Selfies’ clicked. Fun it was… 😀


And that marked the end of our second day in Bali. After that we reached Kuta and were there for remaining days. New posts will be coming up soon. Hope you liked this one. 🙂

Outfit Details :

Tee – Ginger (Lifestyle)
Shorts – Marks and Spencer
Shoes – Westside
Bag – India Circus


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