A warm embrace!!


At times i feel there is something in me that misses winter weather here in Bangalore or may be its just my wardrobe that misses the warmth of soft and snuggly coats and those boots.. Sigh!! 🙁

Anyways, the unpredictable and ever-changing climate of Bangalore is now on track and is good enough a reason to gulp down hot coffee without guilt and to enjoy the warmth in that cup!! Though i would need some snow to actually feel Christmassy but alas will do with chilly wind and gloomy weather and of course by dressing up for it!! 🙂




On one such gloomy day while running errands, i put together this outfit which has a scarf worn over my quarter sleeves tee as a Poncho. This scarf that i got from Forever 21 is actually the size of a shawl and i couldn’t but wear it the usual way. So i decided to use it as my weapon against cold wind by clinging it at my waist with a gold belt. Plus it gives a very luxe feel to the entire outfit and it is Plaid afterall!! 😀 This outfit can be safely taken from market hopping to evening out with friends to celebrate the days off, its that comfortable and chic.. 🙂

Also you would notice that i have different hair now. I finally could check out my long due wish and what could be more appropriate than year end. 🙂 I take it as my way of welcoming new year and new beginnings. It’s true when i say that this blog is my alter ego and i have changed in so many ways(for good) after i started writing. I have become more confident, more ambitious, more strong, more sociable and more responsible than what i was earlier. And being a fashion enthusiast, i have got this interest and now guts to try on things i would otherwise neglect thinking it would not suit me or if it will it be liked by others. Now the questionnaire has come down to if i can carry it or not. So here i am trying on something new and very content about it. In fact, my hubby loved it and so did my parents and you know it is true when ze father calls you to tell that the haircut suits you after you whatsapp the picture!! 😀






The holiday mode is on and i have ‘Let your hair down- by MAGIC’ playing in my ears as i write this post. This song has that relaxed lazy holiday feel to it so thought of sharing it with you guys as it also makes me want to pack my bags and run to a beach now. Sigh!!

Have a listen 🙂 :

Happy Holidays 🙂


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