My Mobile Day!

My Mobile Day

Ok, this is going to be interesting! Considering how jam-packed my days have been these last few weeks, I personally haven’t had a chance to reflect on my daily routine! The only thing that I can think of at the top of my head is the early morning commute to either school or work, cruising through the rush hour, updating my to-do list on the go, replying to emails, applying for jobs, and struggling to stay on top of my assignments to name a few! Whoo, that was a mouthful!

So my day starts with waking up to the sound of my alarm and I try not to reach for my phone until I am ready to leave the house. So obviously most of the work gets done when I am on the go! Having incorporated this lifestyle, I feel naked without my phone on me and it is hard to imagine a world without it. Also, the commute life can be hard and while I want to check all my notifications, I also intend to have some me-time before I can start my day. I find listening to my favorite music or podcasts helps me relax before I can get on about my day!

Speaking of which, I never kept a count of the number of apps I have on my phone. But I did check today and to my surprise (more of a shock), I have almost 144 applications on my iPhone minus the local inbuilt apps!!! Trust me I am not a crazy person who uses all these apps on a daily basis and now that I have looked into it, my phone definitely needs some cleaning up! But clearly, some of my most used apps are all either related to work or socializing! And if I have to list the top 5, I can most certainly say they are: 

Outlook Mail

As you can see, Instagram tops the chart here but the fact that I use it to share my creative work and connect with like-minded people, I don’t feel bad spending a lot of time there. Also, oftentimes I find myself going to the shopping apps or entertainment apps like Spotify when I feel burnt out. As marketers would say, this is one of the micro-moments when I turn to my phone for something that I want to see, want to buy, want to know, want to relax or want to something! It reminds me of an incident from 2 weeks ago when I couldn’t resist shopping online even though I was working on a school project at the time. I was feeling mentally run down and needed a break. So as soon as I saw that email notification pop on my phone, I logged into the shopping app to browse and placed an order within 30 minutes of the collection going online. This is funny because it happened in a spur of the moment and wouldn’t have been possible without having my mobile device handy! 

Also when I attend networking events, my phone has been of great help to connect with people I meet there. The live connect feature in the LinkedIn app allows me to connect with people in the same room in real-time and it is a great tool to have on my phone! 

Mobile friction? 
I try to use technology in moderation, and hence my phone has never felt like an intrusion to my peace of mind. I have mindfully cut down the number of hours I used to spend on my phone and I am proud to say that I don’t feel that friction anymore! But I do know there’s a lot for me to learn when it comes to effectively using social media for user engagement. I am working on improving my relationship with the audience and sometimes feel frustrated when I don’t get acknowledged for doing that. 

I would say that as marketers we need to focus on solving user problems and target our strategies toward finding solutions. Users are smart and when they see a brand cares, they will definitely consider them over another brand that does not. There is no need for direct marketing but to be present and listen to what the audience needs! 
In conclusion, I believe that my mobile day revolves around my lifestyle and I am sure when I move to the next stage of my life after school and on to a job, this will change too! 

What does your mobile day look like? Let me know in the comments below!

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