Let’s discuss App Marketing!

What is app marketing

Did you know that almost 87% of the time on devices is spent in app? It’s not strange considering how many apps all of us have on our phones right. I mean I literally have 4 different food ordering apps and I rarely order home delivery. But with the streamlining of purchases and increased security, there is a huge transition from web-based purchases to mobile app purchases. 

In today’s post, I will be sharing some valuable information on this topic by Brett Jones, the user acquisition manager at Game Hive. He spoke about app marketing, user acquisition, and his expertise in mobile gaming duirng the session. 

iOS or Google Play?

With Google Play taking about 70% of market share, about 4000 android apps get launched on a daily basis and market growth has been steady in the last couple of years. But to begin with, what is the preferred platform to launch an app between iOS and Android? It is a well-known fact that the latter has lesser restrictions and more flexibility for app developers but globally the ratio is about 76% to 22% android to iOS. 


Now you have an app, how do you monetize it? There are a number of different ways for app monetization listed below. 

In-app advertising – A smart way to use your own platform to run ads promoting different brands as a source of income. 

Freemium – It is a great method to capture the market as most of us normally don’t want to pay to download an app. 

Subscription – Mostly used for premium content-based apps.

Paid Only – It is one of the big things in the market, we might not see that many but the method still prevails.

Mobile Web vs App marketing

The competition across boards has definitely increased as more and more e-commerce giants are getting into the app marketing space! So, more and more apps are shifting from performance marketing and trying to move towards the branding route. 

User Journey 

The consideration phase for app marketing is the number of installs and website visits. And if a user makes an install, you can only measure a couple of things so that’s one of the major restriction app marketing has. 

While I am new to App marketing, this session was quite resourceful to understand the basics. And one of the biggest takeaways for me was Brett’s advice to keep a lookout for Apple search and Google play optimization certification for better job prospects. I believe there’s still a lot to learn about this fast-growing industry as mobile use increases, but this session was a great insight into what mobile gaming and app industry has to offer!

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