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Hey there,
My name is Raman and I am from India, currently based in Bangalore.

HuesofMe is a platform where you will find articles about my personal style, beauty finds, travel and other related musings. This blog was born out of my sheer love and curiosity for all things fashion after I moved to Bangalore for a job in IT industry. Little did I know that one day I will find a voice of my own through this blog and get to meet so many wonderful people, virtually and physically. I consider this blog to be a very strong and influential platform where I can share my views whilst learning from like-minded people.

In two words, I would describe my personal style as relaxed casual. But I make sure to leave my comfort zone and try something new with each post here. I do not believe in following trends blindly but to create something unique with a personal touch to it.
They say shopping is a therapy and I totally agree to that. Coffee is my second love after fashion and finding quaint cafes to enjoy a hot cup while working on my blog gives me immense happiness.

Well that is a lot of talking about me there now. But join me in this journey to know more and do drop me an email if you ever want to connect. Would love to know you. 🙂

Also! Don’t forget to add me on Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook for all behind the scene actions while shooting for my blog or daily life shenanigans.