Declutter your life

Decluttering your wardrobe, here’s why you should do it.

In my objectives for this year , I talked about working on my physical and mental health and I strongly believe that a

Winter Wardrobe, styling tips for winter

How to make your wardrobe winter ready

It’s a joke around here that Toronto’s weather is bipolar and after having spent some time here now, I think I agree. The roads

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To Plaid or not to plaid?

Wow, haven’t been here in a hot minute but in case you didn’t know from my Instagram, Shivam and I moved to Toronto last

Huesofme blog, Wardrobe essentials

A quick guide to having a functional wardrobe!

Hi Guys!
I hope you have seen my latest Youtube video above talking about the essentials every girl needs to have a functional wardrobe.

Influencer marketing in India, Blogging in India

Instagram models or Influencers? Blogging is not same anymore!

It used to be a thing in the past when only models who fit a brand’s beauty

Kosmoderma medi facial

Skincare with Kosmoderma skin clinic Bangalore

I’ve always had to deal with minor acne and skin problems since my teen days but it was never an issue until last year.

Ooty with Sterling Holidays

My offbeat Ooty travel diary with Sterling Holidays

I know the word offbeat sounds confusing when it comes to Ooty, a city that sees tourist footfall throughout the year, flocking its very

styling midi skirt for summer, Huesofme blog

Tangerine dreams – Styling the summer perfect floral midi skirt!

If there is one piece of clothing that you must wear during summer season, it’s a skirt. There was a phase when I was

How to style summer prints, Style prints effortlessly this summer, best Indian bloggers

The key to wearing prints this Summer

Summer is the season to rock prints. With beautiful summer collections and sales hitting the stores right