5 essential tips for​ writing a good blog post

Do you have a blog? Have you ever thought of starting your own blog? 
I know it can be intimidating when you have to write a blog post that is relevant and informative too. But a blogpost is a great piece of content to tell your story, especially for brand storytelling. It is a holistic medium to connect with your audience and share what you have to say. 

But the question is, how to write a perfect blog post? Keep reading below to know more! 

Catchy headline 

By catchy I don’t mean clickbait! Yes Google ranking is important and you only have a few seconds to grab reader attention, but you do not want them to feel cheated either. A compelling headline is one that describe what’s in the article, is simple to find in Google search and urges people to read. Also, once you have the right headline, rest of the content will flow easily. 

SEO optimization 

This is required to keep your content evergreen. I personally am not a big fan of reading articles that feel a lot like created for google ranking than genuine readers, but if you work for a brand, it is always recommended to write SEO optimized content to reach your target audience. The right keywords can help you get in front of the readers. So once you have decided on the topic, you can go to Keywordtoolquora, or even twitter to do some research on the trending words that users are searching for.  

Add subheadings

A blogpost without subheadings is monotonous and boring to read, period. We all love reading through articles with bullet points and subheadings that are easier to scroll through, especially in a time crunch. So format your blogposts just like you’d format letters. Align your text, use bullet points, use bold headings and basically do anything that makes your content visually easier to read. 

Add multimedia 

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and it is true because your brain can interpret images that the eyes see in just 13 seconds!! Great graphics are a good way to break up the text and for a better explanation.


And the last but not the least, keep it simple! Your ultimate aim is to connect with the reader and a properly formatted, less messy article will help you achieve just that. You’ll need a plan, proper content, little SEO analysis, and research to begin with. I am sure these steps will help you when you decide to write a blogpost next But if you think these are the only things you’ll need, you’re wrong. It can take days, sometimes months for Google to index your page. So a little tip that I’ve learned is to dig into your old posts every once in a year or 6 months and optimize them for SEO.

As humans we are our biggest critiques but please do not overthink this, you do not have to get everything right the first time!

Happy Blogging!

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